Commercial Fleet Upfit Guidelines To Know

No matter how new, high-tech, and shiny they are, new vehicles (or used ones) may not have all of the equipment you need in order to run your business. It might be time to upfit your commercial fleet to better serve your needs. But how to go about it? The following will be an explanation of what you should know about the upfitting of trucks, vans, and more.

Involved in the process, if we look at this realistically, will be any number of factors. The first thing to keep in mind is the need for a plan. Do you have a plan? Maybe your fleet expansion upfitting process is something that you’re looking at further down the line. Here’s the thing about that – it’s never too early to start planning.

It’s Crucial to Get an Early Start

To some people, considering which vehicles to buy before thinking about how to upfit them makes sense. Truth be told however, it makes things easier in the long run if, at the same time, you plan for both. Think about your vehicle purchase and the upfit together. To help ease the process, make sure that you communicate with your vendor while still balancing budget and needs.

What Kind of Job Will Be Done from the Vehicle?

You will need to consider the kind of job for which the truck or van is being customized. This might mean the use of specific tools. How those tools will be stored inside the vehicle will have everything to do with the upfit. Ask yourself a couple of questions. Will you need storage? Will you want access from all sides, one side, the back? How tall the vehicle should be, rack systems, shelving mechanisms, and more, all go into the process.

Who’s Going to Be Driving the Vehicle?

Okay, you’ve got cargo, tools, and more inside the vehicle. Who is going to be accessing all of it? Is it going to be necessary for the driver to get out of the vehicle each and every time they want to access something from the inside? The needs of a driver can depend on a variety of things: their location, their routes, the person themselves. Just because all of the vehicles in your fleet are doing relatively the same job, that doesn’t mean that specific needs won’t have to be met by certain vehicles.

Be As Realistic As Possible

Try to look at the way in which your vehicles will be used as realistically as possible. Plan for occurrences before they happen when you consider your upfits. The company’s bottom line can be negatively affected by the cost incurred when someone breaks a tool, gets hurt on the drive, etc. You can reduce potential risk by using pull- and crash-tested things like partitions, cargo racks, ladders, flooring, shelving, and more.

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