What Can You Achieve With Mobile Beer Truck Bodies?

Millions of people enjoying getting together with friends for cocktails. With the coronavirus shutting down many pubs and bars, however, that got a lot harder. The thing about going to the bar is that, in order to enjoy the experience, you actually have to… go to the bar. But what if the bar came to you? For many, that sounds too good to be true. But mobile beer truck bodies are out and about. It’s a trend that aspiring entrepreneurs have jumped on – the mobile bartending business.

How to Get Started

It’s a simple concept, really, with logistics that are equally uncomplicated:

  • Learn all you can about bartending and alcohol.
  • When it comes to serving and licensing laws, make sure you are fully educated and aware.
  • Contact some local breweries.
  • Secure contracts and contacts needed to start your business.
  • Find your new or used beer truck, purchase it, and customize it.

You’re all set!

Mobile Beer Trucks – What Are They?

Much like food trucks, mobile bars follow the same line of thinking. They serve beer, wine, and cocktails, however, rather than food. You’ll start seeing these more and more, provided you haven’t already. If you’re thinking about starting a business with a mobile bar, here’s a little bit of encouragement.

The Possibilities Are Endless

When it comes to owning a mobile beer truck, you’ll have endless possibilities. Right at your fingertips you will have beer kegs in refrigerated storage. Into the side of your mobile bar, you’ll have built-in taps. Some options will work better than others for you and your clientele; you have but to figure out which will serve you best.

There’s a Boom in Craft Breweries

A while back, craft breweries became extremely popular. This shows no sign of slowing. Every day, more breweries pop up. For your mobile beer truck, select the best local craft beers. You get to promote local businesses and people love consuming local products. It’s a win-win situation.

The Potential for Making Money Is Good

You have a chance to franchise and expand your brand because you’re getting ahead of the competition (if you start now). Get all of your contracts and licensing in order and develop a good business plan. Try to keep your focus on one thing, even though there are lots of mobile bar options. For example, will you be a wine bar? Maybe you’d prefer to be a cocktail bar, a Tiki bar, a mobile craft beer bar, or something else.

There’s a Growing Market

As already suggested, this trend is just developing. But it’s on the rise and should improve immensely from there. Remember ice cream trucks from the 1950s? You are the current equivalent, but you cater to adults. Get ahead of the competition by starting your beer truck now.

You Get to Attend Cool Events With Your Cool Truck

At least for now, you may have the only beer truck in town. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be the coolest one, as well. Make it unique. Be fun! Everywhere you go, you’re going to bring the party with you.

To start promoting your bar on wheels, build a list of contacts. Start promoting yourself. Consider working festivals, community events, corporate parties, weddings, etc. Give the people what they want by figuring out exactly what your niche is.

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