Don’t Downplay The Importance Of Good Service Van Design

Does van design make a difference? Experts say yes! It increases the trust and confidence of your customers. That’s why signage matters. People are more likely to trust a van that has expert looking signage on the side than a van that is plain, poorly designed, or empty of any advertising. Why else is signage important?

Does Your Van Say “Credibility”?

The previously mentioned trust and confidence created by good signage contributes to the credibility of your company. Credibility can also be built through vehicle fleet branding. Without signage, you won’t stand out among all of the other competitors.

Additionally, you’ve got a moving advertising billboard in your grasp. Why waste that opportunity? (You will see more about this later.)

Discourage Thievery

Every company is concerned about deterring theft whenever possible. If your vehicle is easily identifiable, that can go a long way toward discouraging a thief. And it might also help reduce costly insurance premiums. Check with your insurance representative.

Reach More Potential Customers

Companies such as gas engineers, electricians, plumbers, and more are well advised and encouraged to use vehicle graphics. The chances of your customer walking into your office are slim to none. But, when people see your vehicle parked on the side of the road, they are more likely to stand up and take notice. Some will go so far as to take notes and call you when they need you.

In fact, it is estimated that every year, 10 million impressions are made by the wrap on a vehicle! By not using the correct signage, you are actually losing money because you are missing out on potential future customers.

A Nicely Designed Vehicle Shows That You Care

Many people reason that if you care for your vehicle you will be more likely to care for your customers. It’s a matter of the impression you leave on people, and first impressions can never be remade. You are more likely to generate leads with a nicely designed exterior.

Advertising Costs

Millions of dollars are spent every year for advertising. But compared to outdoor graphics/advertising, radio, magazine, and television, per impression, the cheapest cost for advertising is vehicle graphics. Every day, approximately 30,000 people will notice the advertising on the side of your van.

Something to Think About

Still not convinced that you need good signage on the side of your van? Ask yourself the following: When is the last time that someone walked up to a van that was blank and unremarkable, asking the driver for a business card?

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