More And More Women Are Driving Trucks!

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Ah, the open road. Symbolizing such concepts as opportunity and freedom, it has appealed to many throughout the decades. Traditionally, however, something like professional truck driving was dominated by the male persuasion. Lately, professional truck driving careers have been pursued by more and more women.

No matter how you look at it, more female drivers in the world of freight is a good thing right now, because driver shortages are popping up all over the nation. More interested parties are needed, and women are filling that need. In 29 states, the most popular occupation is truck driving. Professional truck drivers employed in the United States today number some 3.5 million. How many of those are women? Right now, only about 6%. But that’s going to change. In fact, it already is.

Trucking’s Early Female Pioneer

Reportedly, the first female trucking company owner, and in fact first licensed female truck driver, was Lilly Elizabeth McGee. With her husband, she operated a truck line out of Galveston Texas. In 1929, she received her license. After a divorce, she became the sole owner of Drennan Truck Line.

Back in the day, this was no easy feat as a trucking job was far more physically demanding that it is today. If a woman wasn’t capable of doing the job, surely, she would be accepted.

Today, a typical female truck driver that has taken up the trade professionally has already raised her children and is somewhere in her 50s. She may have been introduced to trucking through a boyfriend, husband, etc.

Taking a Backseat

For whatever reason, apparently a sign of the times, female truck drivers did everything they could to just sort of blend in back in the 1970s. They were the “dirty little secret” that the trucking industry didn’t want you to know. These days, however, women are making their voices known in the truck driving industry. Female friendly accommodations are more prevalent now than they were 20 years ago. Showers offered at facilities are more secure and gender-neutral. Even amenities such as larger showerheads, fluffier towels, and hairdryers are included in many locations.

The Truck Driving Demand

This year has already started off with a bang in the world of freight and shows no sign of leveling off. There is a clear demand for truckers. Every day, new talent must be introduced; and it is predicted that employees numbering somewhere around 960,000 will need to be added (truck maintenance technicians, truck drivers, etc.) in the next 10 years. To fill these positions, we will need the numbers of women in trucking to increase. It’s time to start appealing to the 18 to 21-year-olds. The 50-year-olds that are in trucking today are good for the time being – but the future is in the hearts and minds of girls and young women just getting ready to pursue a career.

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