Launch Your Business Into The Future With A Mickey 21st Century Beverage Trailer

Times are changing more rapidly than many of us are happy with. But the fact remains that if you, as a business owner, do not change with the times, the times will leave you behind. Usually, in the dust. Rest assured, your competitors are keeping up. The only way to keep a beverage shipping business current in the 21st-century is with  21st century beverage trailer.

What Mickey Says about Their New 21st Century Trailer

Corporate Vice President of Sales at Mickey Truck Bodies, Tom Arnold, states “our new trailers are perfect for full pallet delivery at street level or at the loading dock. Our customers will enjoy a much longer life cycle for their trailer because of its improved structural strength. Beverage distributors require rugged duty applications and this design was engineered with precisely that in mind.”

Arnold further states that Mickey trailer users will have to put up with far less trailer sway. They can expect fuel savings at a greater level thanks to the aerodynamic design of each unit. Clean and flawless application of decals is possible as a result of rivetless aluminum side skins which allows for a rolling billboard impression.

The Benefits of 21st Century Beverage Trailers

Mickey beverage trailers, in general, are in a class by themselves, but with the arrival of the 21st century, there are new and improved benefits available for every one of Mickey’s beverage trailers. In addition to those already discussed here, some of those benefits include the following:

  • For routine maintenance, access to fifth wheel plate
  • Rugged Duty trailer application
  • Improved structural strength
  • Handles better than conventional box trailers

Mickey 21st Century Beverage Trailer Specs

Optional specs:

  • Power inverter for battery operated handling equipment
  • Tire inflation system
  • Lifting tandem axle for improved fuel and handling efficiency and less tire wear
  • 3/8 inch Kemply laminated plywood walls

Standard specs:

  • CBx40 SAF Holland tandem axle
  • LED exterior bullet lights
  • Galvanized or synthetic scuff liner
  • Plywood interior walls
  • Reinforced structural corners
  • Aluminum header/posts bottom/rail rail
  • Aerodynamic top rail design
  • Aluminum posts on 16 inch centers

Trucking In the 21st Century

Serving as the American economy’s backbone, heavy-duty and a medium-duty trucks play and essential role in moving passengers and freight. Additionally, they play a vital role in numerous aspects of our society. In the 21st-century, many national challenges must be addressed: i.e. emissions, safety, truck efficiency, etc. Pursuant to these challenges is the collaborative development and research being done by industry partners and the government. Mickey is dedicated to addressing today’s technical requirements when it comes to the challenges presented by modern day situations be they environmental, regulatory, safety factors, or otherwise.

Purchase a Mickey Beverage Trailer

When you buy from Mickey, you are assured quality products and fair pricing. We stand behind everything we sell and have an unrivaled customer service department to handle all of our customer’s inquiries. When you purchase a refrigerated beverage trailer from Mickey, this is what you get:

  • Higher residual value and longer life
  • Lower fuel costs and less maintenance
  • And aerodynamic design and improved handling
  • Modern appearance and rivetless side skins

Each one of our 21st century trailers is built and designed specifically for the delivery of beverages. Contact Mickey today to see what we can do to fill your specific needs when it comes to trucking, transportation, and beverage trailers.

Let’s keep truckin'.

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