How Do Truck Drivers Stay Healthy?

Truck drivers spend a lot of time sitting all alone in their truck. They may only come into contact with unhealthy individuals on occasion, but when they do, there’s every chance that germs will be spread. Additionally, sitting around for long periods of time isn’t healthy in general. And if you have health issues that are pre-existing, it is even harder to stay healthy as a trucker.

Truckers and Their Unique Health Situations

Keeping human beings healthy is a lot harder than keeping your truck healthy. With your truck, if something breaks or gets worn out, you simply replace it with new or used parts and equipment. Human beings – not so much. We are far more fragile and a lot harder to fix what something goes wrong.

Some people may be surprised to find out what the more common health ailments for truckers actually are. And unfortunately, many of them can affect a trucker’s ability to safely maneuver their vehicle down the highway. The following are a few of the more common health concerns of truckers. The most important thing of all, of course, is that when problems arise, you get them taken care of immediately. Not only your health and safety depend on it, but so does the safety of those around you.

Age Related Macular Degeneration

This eventual deterioration of central vision is a progressive condition. During the later stages, this condition can make it impossible for the sufferer to drive their truck. The best advice will be received from your doctor if a problem arises but annual eye exams go a long way.

Are You Taking Medication?

Whereas, taking medication is a good thing when you need it, every medication on the market has some kind of side effects. Some of them can affect driving safety and your ability to operate your truck. Blurred vision and drowsiness are two of the most detrimental side effects when it comes to truck drivers. And if you take more than one medication, you have to be familiar with how they may interact. Always talk to your doctor and pharmacist about side effects and drug interaction before you hit the road while taking medication.

Feeling a Little Anxious?

Anxiety can be devastating for any individual, and even more so for truckers. It is hard to drive with a focused frame of mind when you are experiencing some kind of irrational apprehension or fear – anxiety. Your composure and behind-the-wheel decision-making will be severely compromised. It may be possible for you to beat anxiety by talking to your doctor and getting the right kind of prescription on board.

The Development of Cataracts

This is usually something that affects people in their later years but it is not on heard of for younger individuals to experience cataracts. Driving will definitely be unsafe if, because of cataracts, things look fuzzy and your vision is obstructed. Once again, annual eye exams are the way to go. Cataract surgery is an option for many individuals suffering from this condition.

When all is said and done, preventative maintenance is just as important with your body as it is with your vehicle. Stay on top of things so that conditions that are just beginning don’t get out of control. It’s like ignoring an oil leak – it’s only going to get worse.

Depend on Mickey for the Health of Your Truck

As healthy as you may be able to stay, the same may not always be said for your truck. When you need reliable service or parts, you can rely on Mickey. We are the leading name in the trucking and transportation industry with service centers located throughout the United States. There is likely one located somewhere along your next route. Check with our helpful customer service department if you need help and find out why Mickey has been at the top of their game for decades.

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