How To Achieve An Ideal Fleet of Moving Trucks

Do you have a moving company fleet? How many vehicles do you own? How many different types of vehicles do you offer? Movers can best serve the needs of their customers with a fully functioning moving company fleet comprised of a variety of vehicles. Each vehicle has its own specialties and can offer cost savings to your customers, as well as fuel and labor savings for you.

What Type of Moving Vehicle Is Needed?

Some people need nothing more than a pickup truck or a van with which to move. Others won’t be able to relocate an entire household with anything less than a tractor-trailer! To get the job done efficiently and effectively, the right vehicle should be used. If you’re planning on moving more than one household, a big business, or a massive household, the tractor-trailer is fine. But what if the move that you are assisting with deals with a smaller home? Should you simply ignore the undersized load customers?

You should not. By having smaller vehicles with which to assist in moves, you can save manpower (one or two movers per vehicle), spend less on fuel, and pass those savings on to your customers.

Now let’s take a look at some of the vehicles that you may want to include in your moving company fleet.

28 To 20-Foot Trucks

Naturally, the 28-foot truck is going to be the biggest and best option for massive households, big businesses, or moving more than one customer at a time. For larger homes (four bedrooms or more) the 28-foot truck may be necessary. Frequently, however, a 4-bedroom home or extremely large apartment can be moved in a 24-foot truck.

One more step down, the 20-foot truck, is usually ideal for large (but not excessively large) apartments and 3-bedroom homes.

14 to 17-Foot Trucks

For large-ish apartments or two-bedroom homes, the still spacious 17-foot moving truck offers the room you’ll need without going overboard. It’s the perfect size when a 20 to 26-foot semi seems too much.

For bigger but not massive sized apartments, such as a 2-bedroom location, the 14-foot truck should be sufficient. Most, making loading and unloading easier, offer a lower deck. A maximum of about 3000 pounds can be carried in a moving truck measuring 12 to 15 feet.

The 10-Foot Truck

This is about as small as you can go without going to a pickup – and we’ll discuss that momentarily. Large studio apartments or small regular apartments can be moved using this mode of transportation. They are easy to load and can cut way back on gas consumption. They are a cost-effective option, as long as they are roomy enough to handle the move.

Your Basic Pickup Trucks And Cargo Vans

Clearly, these are for smaller types of units like 1-bedroom apartments, small studio apartments, etc. Additionally, if you do partial moves (the contents of a single bedroom, one office but not entire office building, etc.) these vehicles may suffice. Obviously, you’re only going to need one (maybe two) movers and will be spending less on fuel than with any other of the above listed vehicles.

At Mickey Genuine Parts, we carry used trailers/trucks of different sizes and functionality. This is perfect for the fleet manager looking to save on their initial costs. There will be time, down the line when business is booming, to purchase newer equipment. If you like to find out more about what Mickey has to offer, contact us today.

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