Does It Make Sense To Do Trailer Reconditioning?

You find yourself asking the age-old question: should I recondition an older trailer (rebuild it), or by a new one? The important thing to remember when answering this question is the volatility of the transportation industry and ever-increasing equipment operating costs. For some owner operators, the choice to recondition a trailer is a good one. That is, provided they are looking to reduce startup costs and, can not only do the rebuilding/repairs themselves, but are prepared to research everything that is involved with maintaining an aged trailer.

Older Trailers – Some People’s Preference

These days, becoming more and more common are sizable restoration projects involving older trailers. Particularly if they are in good condition and not equipped with newer, high-tech accessories/characteristics, numerous individuals are leaning toward repairing and rebuilding used trailers, rather than buying new.

Why would someone steer away from new, fancy, high-tech capabilities and accessories? Trailers that include them don’t come cheap, for one. But when something does go wrong with all those bells and whistles, they will be expensive to repair and replace.

The other reason that more and more people buy used as opposed to new is rising transportation costs coupled with mediocre pay rates. It simply isn’t a practical or attractive alternative for any number of today’s transportation professionals – or even your average Joe who just wants a trailer.

If the circumstances are right, there are numerous advantages to buying a used trailer.

Old Versus New

Top reasons why rebuilding and restoring is better than buying new:

  • “They don’t build them like that anymore!” – You’ve heard this before, but it’s true in any number of cases. Many of the old-school trailers were built to last – and they have. An older trailer that is in good condition and built by a reputable company could still have any number of years left in it. Particularly with a little TLC and a couple of replacement parts.
  • Older fixes cost less – As referenced earlier, replacing parts that are high-tech, state-of-the-art, and “new and improved” costs a lot of money. Older parts can usually be purchased at low prices.
  • Initial cost is lower – Even if you end up getting a loan with which to buy your used trailer, it will be a smaller loan than you would have needed to buy a shiny new trailer. You’ll pay it off faster, if you even need a loan to begin with, and be debt-free before you know it.
  • Finally, when you’re done driving – Just in case you decide to gracefully bow out of the transportation industry, having a trailer that is free and clear (without payments) will make the transition far less painful. This also applies to people who simply thought having a trailer was a good idea at the time, only to find out that they don’t really need one.

At Mickey Genuine Parts, we have an ever-changing selection of in-stock used trailers. We cover everything from reefers to dry bulk to van bodies and more. Additionally, we have the parts and accessories you’ll need to restore, customize, or rebuild your used trailer. Don’t want to do the work yourself? No problem. Check out the numerous Mickey certified service centers located throughout the United States. If you have questions or would like to discuss the purchase of a used trailer, contact us today.

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