Looking For Dependable Fleet Maintenance Services?

A reputable provider of fleet maintenance serves many purposes. It helps maintain safe-for-one-and-all conditions and can help take the strain out of keeping track of inventory, keeping the shop organized, and of hiring technicians.

The following is going to take a closer examination of why a third-party fleet maintenance service provider offers high-level benefits for those choosing to go that route.

Parts Dependability and Cost

Supplies and parts that are non-obsolete, easily and quickly acquired, and completely usable/appropriate can be purchased at a price that is agreed upon between the fleet manager and the maintenance provider.

Help Your Business Grow

To meet customer’s needs and stay on top of high-volume, peak periods, varying service locations can be provided (Mickey has certified service centers throughout the United States).

Ease of Scheduling

Activities involving preventive maintenance should not interfere with a normal fleet work schedule. The fleet manager and service provider should mutually agree on the best times to service equipment and vehicles. The responsibility of keeping scheduled preventive maintenance and repair appointments will be the job of the equipment and vehicle operators or designated department representatives.

In Case of Emergencies

For the duration of an emergency event, maintenance and repair services can be provided by the maintenance facility. As determined by the customer, the insurance of continuous vehicle operation levels will be provided by appropriate staffing. Emergency circumstances can include the involvement of numerous vehicles, equipment, employees, and occurrences taking place outside normal operating hours.

One-Stop Shopping

Potential savings can be provided by maintenance providers that have experience in all types of hybrid technologies, fuel systems, and fleets. This type of fleet management technique helps do the following:

  • Keep maintenance costs low
  • Control parts and subcontractor costs
  • Improve mechanic productivity

Highly Trained Staff Members

The maintenance service provider and the site manager must work cooperatively and closely on a daily basis for all matters relating to the upkeep and maintenance of the fleet. Benefits, salaries, training, wages, etc. of maintenance technicians are entrusted to the third-party service provider management/hiring team.

Communication and Fleet Data

It is crucial to have, for every unit in your fleet, complete data history. It improves overall fleet efficiency and costs. The third-party maintenance manager reviews and reports this information to the fleet manager on a regular basis.

Reduce Risk

A high risk to vehicles and staff exists when a maintenance facility is owned and operated by the trucking (fleet) company. Risks like liability insurance premiums, OSHA citations, and accidents are taken on by a third-party maintenance provider.

Cost-Effectiveness and Reduced Downtime

The minimization of repeat breakdowns and repairs allows fleet managers to concentrate more on managing and training staff. A third-party maintenance provider helps keep the overall fleet maintenance costs down, helps minimize parts and subcontractor costs, and improves technician productivity.

Mobile emergency services, or on-site/closely located shops, should be offered by a third-party maintenance provider. This helps reduce the impact on your ROI as a result of nonfunctional units or vehicles.

At Mickey Genuine Parts, our skilled, highly trained technicians offer the utmost in workmanship and dependability. You can count on our Mickey’s certified service centers, conveniently located all over the country, to fill all of your fleet maintenance needs. Additionally, we sell parts, accessories, used trailers, and much more. Contact Mickey today to see how we can be of service to you, your business, your fleet, and your drivers.

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