Key Commercial Truck Parts That Keep Your Fleet Running

There is a fair amount of considerations to think of when purchasing a commercial truck. Whether you are in the business of transportation or if you have purchased trucks and trailers previously, you are might be familiar with commercial truck parts, the considerations involved, and the procedure to handle any technical issues. Do commercial truck parts and systems wear out quicker than others? Are there systems or parts that require specialized tools and techniques to resolve or are they easily replaced by a general maintenance crew? These are questions that you will want to keep in mind to ensure that your fleet is always up and running in peak performance.

Your Most Important Commercial Truck Parts

Every part of your truck is important, some playing a more essential role than others. To ensure that your fleet is running efficiently, properly, and safely, some parts end up being marginally more crucial than others. Below are some essential commercial truck parts that you might want to take note of:


The two types of transmissions are automatic and manual. Many commercial trucks rely on manual transmissions. That is because they are better for transportation operations involving large hauls. They perform well in various road conditions and rough environments that can typically cause more stress.

Oil Pan

This is where the engine oil is held. From here, oil is carried to other parts within your engine.

Gas Strut

Found in trucks and other types of vehicles, gas springs are also referred to as gas struts. These struts are used to compress the gas to exert a bigger force. Bigger and heavier truck doors can be handled thanks to the support offered by gas struts. 


Just as important as the engine, having proper tires is essential. A truck’s performance can be both inefficient and unsafe if tires are not inflated properly or worn out. If you notice uneven wear on your tires, it is recommended to have them checked right away. It is important to replace worn-out tires and keep them at their proper poundage.


An engine is the heart and soul of your truck which consists of multiple parts. Without proper maintenance, the engine is prone to frequent breakdowns. For that reason, servicing your engine regularly is important to keep your fleet running efficiently.

Power output and torque refer to how the engine operates within your truck. The truck’s ability to cruise, accelerate, and move is referred to by the term horsepower. The capability of your truck to haul and carry a load, get it from point A to point B, and travel uphill even with a heavy load is controlled by torque.

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