How to Get a Work Truck that Compliments Your Operations

The truck specification is all about choosing the best equipment to compliment your work safely and efficiently. Getting a new work truck is a splendid way of expressing commitment to your finances both in terms of both operating costs and capital. You need to ensure your desired truck meets all your transport, business, and freight movement needs.

Where to Begin:

Take time to identify the business-specific criteria your work truck must meet. The following are a couple of likely criteria to consider:

  • Minimized environmental impact
  • Cost-competitiveness
  • Consistency with primary performance targets e.g., same-day delivery across the US.
  • Ability to ensure the assembly or installation of goods at the destination. This may require professional skills in some instances. 

Identify and Evaluate Available Body Options

Trucks are typically sub-categorized by body types. It’s essential to compare the full range of options and pick out one that will cater to your freight movement needs. The most common types of truck body types include flatbeds, curtainsiders, low loaders, and tilts. Establish a more detailed picture of which of these body types will be the best match for your transport needs. Of course, this will require a vast understanding of the equipment to be transported, the destination, docking heights, and types of MHE (Materials Handling Equipment).

If you’ve decided on the right work truck body, go the extra mile and explore various box trucks and van bodies as well. They may make your business or company more efficient by serving in capacities where the truck cannot. For instance, vans are more suitable for certain trades like HVAC repair technicians, electricians, and plumbers. It all comes down to your specific business needs.

Consider the Storage Space and Ease of Access

These are two essential points to consider when getting your truck body. If you need to load and secure items frequently, don’t settle for anything that doesn’t offer easy access to your goods. Alternatively, if you need to haul a ton of supplies and equipment, you need an option that provides lots of storage space. 

It should also be made of high-quality materials such as acrylic-urethane enamels and heavy zinc coating. Above everything else, your service body should be a member of the Service Body Institute of the National Truck Equipment Association. Ask about any of these features before settling for your ideal body truck option to ensure you’re only buying the best deal.

Getting the right work truck body is a crucial element in increasing your business’s efficiency and productivity. At Mickey Genuine Parts, we have ten decades worth of experience in all things truck bodies and beverage trailers. We have over 100,000 genuine truck bodies that are each designed to work and built to last. Rely on our expert executive team to pick out the right body for your work truck. All our parts are competitively priced, in stock, and easily customizable. Call us today to learn more!

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