Extending the Overall Service Lifespan of Your Commercial Fleet

Entrepreneurs benefit a lot from servicing your commercial fleet. This helps in keeping their business running smoothly and make their trucks safer to drive. For that reason, ensure you choose your repair or mechanic shop wisely. If your vehicle receives top-notch services, its lifespan will be extended, thus enabling it to stay on the road for longer. Here are three alternative benefits of boosting your commercial fleet productivity:

Improves Fleet Technology

Upgraded equipment such as wireless smartphone connections, rearview cameras, and so on significantly reduce the likelihood of accidents. Newer navigation systems also minimize the service and delivery call time, thereby improving employee satisfaction.

Advances Fuel Efficiency

It’s rather obvious by now that commercial fleets create expensive fuel costs. If your cost of fuel is as costly as your payroll, look into purchasing electric or hybrid vehicles. In some countries, green car fleets secure minimized business, registration, and tax fees.

Saves Big on Maintenance 

Because fleet vehicles are always on the road, they need proper maintenance. Not only do they reduce the huge maintenance costs, but they also prolong the lifespan of your automotive. The extra money you save can be redirected to purchasing additional vehicles and extending the business operations.

How Should you Extend the Overall Service Lifespan of your Commercial Fleet?

Keep your trucks running smoothly by adhering to the following maintenance tips:

Monitor Fluid levels 

Your vehicles’ fluids should always be checked to ensure they keep all the parts running. The transmission fluid and coolant are two of the most essential fluids in any vehicle. Failure to monitor any of these may lead to major preventable accidents.

Check your Vehicles’ Suspension

All trucks need to withstand all forms of weather conditions. Additionally, they need to have the stability to drive over surfaces, both rough and smooth. A malfunctioning suspension may cause the load within your vehicle to get damaged, thereby impacting the image of your company.

Stay Ahead of Periodic Oil Changes

Check the oil in your trucks regularly to ensure that it is always at the proper level. Keep your engine running properly by scheduling regular oil changes every 3,000 miles.

Rotate your Tires Periodically

The bigger your truck is, the greater the traction of the back tires. Since they bear the bigger end of the load, they typically wear out faster than the front tires. It is your responsibility to ensure that the tires on your fleet wear out almost simultaneously. The best way to do this is by periodically rotating them. Not only will your tires last significantly longer, but your safety on the road will also be ensured.

Proper fleet organization starts by employing the services of a dedicated and experienced team of experts. Trust Mickey Genuine Parts to decrease your fleet’s maintenance costs, improve fuel efficiency, and promote customer satisfaction. We have a wide range of tools and body parts to upgrade your fleet and keep your business running for longer. Call us today and learn more about the range of fleet services we have to offer!

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