Five Popular Uses Of Flatbed Trucks In Various Industries

Flatbed trucks are very versatile vehicles that can be used in a variety of ways. In this article, we are going to list all the various ways you can utilize your flatbed truck.

Moving Construction Material

if you are a contractor working in the building industry, you probably already know how useful flatbed trucks are when it comes to moving construction materials. The fact that the bed is flat makes it easy for one to load or unload materials which is a great time-saving feature. Another reason why flatbed trucks are so good with building contractors is the fact that the flatbed allows for all kinds of building materials to be hauled around with ease. From bags of cement to steel beams, they can all be easily loaded on the truck without damaging the body of the vehicle.


Another way in which flatbed trucks are utilized is by hauling equipment from storage to site or between sites. Such equipment includes backhoe tractors and similar equipment that is used at construction sites or factories. The flatbed makes it easy to load such tractors on the truck and as long as the equipment is secured to the bed, the truck can move it to anywhere it needs to go. Offloading the equipment from the flatbed is also easy as all you need is a ramp to drive the tractor off.

Tire Disposal

Motorists in the United States are responsible for millions of tires that are disposed of every year. Given the fact that these tires can pose a health and safety hazard to people and ecosystems, they are often taken for processing before being disposed of. The most common way of disposing of these tires is to compress them into bales. Flatbed trucks are the preferred way of moving these baled tires to disposal sites as they are able to carry a lot more baled tires than an ordinary truck.

Moving Scrap Metal

Another popular by-product of modern society is scrap metal. Every year, many metal items are disposed of and these metal objects are scraped and either disposed of or recycled. When scrap metal is transported to recycling centers, it is typically transported using flatbed trucks. This is because moving such material in a flatbed truck is easy and the bulky nature of the cargo makes it hard to carry in any other kind of truck other than a flatbed truck.


Contractors who are in the landscaping space know how invaluable flatbed trucks are in their business. Landscapers often have to move all kinds of irregularly shaped items such as bushes, flowers, gardening tools, and a lot more. Flatbed trucks make it easy for such contractors to move all kinds of materials. The nature of the flatbed trucks also makes it easy to load and unload materials from the trucks. In most cases, landscapers will add modifications to their trucks to allow them to carry more regular items. For example, it is common to find that the same flattened truck has a built-in toolbox that enables them to carry all the equipment that the landscaping contractor needs to get the job done.

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