Considerations When Designing An Animal Control Truck Body

If you are in the animal transportation business, you will probably need to outfit your vehicle in a way that allows you to transport animals safely and effectively. While safety is a critical element of this design, there are considerations for the comfort of the animal as well as the flexibility of use. Here are some of the things that you need to consider when designing an animal truck control body.

Handler’s Safety

The safety of the handler is of critical importance. The idea here is to design the body in such a way that there is no unnecessary contact between the handler and the animal being transported. By minimizing contact, the design can protect the handler from bites, scratches, or kicks, depending on the animal that is being transported. This is especially important as such contact could lead to serious health complications for the handler. For example, if the truck is being used for animal control such as in a city or town, there is the risk that some of the animals being transported may be rabid. By minimizing contact, the design helps handlers to move the animals safely.

Structurally Sound

Most animals are very strong and when scared (such as when they are being transported) adrenaline in the blood may increase their physical strength. This matters because if the design of the animal control truck body is not structurally sound, there is the risk that it may be damaged r even broken during the trip. It is also possible that a damaged truck body could cause injuries to the animal being transported.


Depending on how the animal transport truck is used, there is a possibility that one may have to transport animals of varying sizes. For this reason, the animal control truck body must be able to handle different sizes of animals as may be required. This may require that the truck body have adjustable pens inside the truck that can be modified to accommodate the animal that is being transported.


Over the course of transporting animals, some damage may inevitably occur. For this reason, an animal control truck body should be easy to repair if this is needed. This means fixing any cracks or loose bolts without having to ground the vehicle for too long. Another significant consideration to keep in mind is how one is going to keep the vehicle clean. The truck body should allow for easy cleaning. This means that it should be made of materials that are resistant to corrosion or rust. The truck body should also have drainage holes to enable water to flow out of the truck body when the vehicle is being cleaned. Speaking of maintenance, the truck body should be designed in such a way that there are no hidden areas within the pen. This is because if such spots get dirty, it may be very difficult to clean them. Given that different animals are transported in the vehicle, this situation may lead to the spread of diseases and compromise the health of other animals as well as that of the handlers.

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