Do You Need a New Truck Service Body in 2020?

Business owners in major industries like oil and gas, telecommunications, HVAC, landscaping, utilities, and construction rely heavily on their fleet of mechanic trucks. If you’re one of those savvy professionals, then you understand that there’s always a time to step up to a fresh service body. As far as looks, durability, and usability go, the quality will always pay for itself.

2020 is here with us, but most truck business owners are not sure whether to get a new service body for their fleet. Here are a few telltale signs to assist you in determining if getting a new truck service body should be in your budget this year:

Distasteful Appearance

If you’re looking to establish a memorable first impression for your business, a beat-up truck body won’t do. What makes it worse is if your company’s logo is on the side of the truck. Stand out from the rest of your competitors and upgrade to a better truck body.

Pervasive Rust

One of the most noticeable indicators of when to get a new truck body is extensive rusting. For older trucks, corrosion is bound to be a more significant issue. This is mainly because they’re not coated with zinc or made of galvanized steel or aluminum.

Inadequate Capacity

If you were to switch up gears in terms of the kinds of jobs you perform, that would heighten the need for a service body upgrade. This would be the case, especially if objects you want to transport are either bulkier or need a more extended reach.

Inability to Meet Demands

Don’t think twice about getting an upgrade if your light-duty truck body is no longer able to meet your business demands. Get a newer heavy-duty model if your business is set to perform heavier tasks this year.

Increased Fuel Costs

Hight fuel costs are most likely an issue for a mechanic truck fleet with heavy-duty bodies. Rather than budget more for fuel, why not upgrade to a lighter and more manageable model? Provided it meets all your performance requirements, you won’t have to worry about unexpected diesel fuel or gasoline consumption.

Decreased Convenience

Make your workers’ lives easier and make them more productive by upgrading your truck body. For instance, a truck model that features a customized bed cover push-button gets rid of the need to leave the vehicle unoccupied during the night.

Security Concerns

Mechanic trucks that don’t feature internal hidden hinges or master locking systems are a target for thieves. Give yourself and your workers’ peace of mind by including these and more theft-deterrent systems in your new truck body. It will also prevent spending more on replacing stolen equipment.

Are you convinced that you need a fresh body for your truck? Trust us at Mickey Genuine parts to assist you in finding the ideal body type for your truck. We offer an extensive range of truck and van bodies at the most favorable prices. Get in touch with us and receive on-site estimates in the field upon request.

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