Expand Your Landscaping Business With A Custom Trailer Body

Landscape businesses require specialized equipment and have precise needs not present with other trades. Whether you’re expanding an already existing business or just starting a new landscape company, you could make good use of a custom trailer body. They provide reliability, both you and your customers will appreciate that, and a professional look. No matter what the size of your landscape business, it can well determine the size of the trailer you need. If you have the resources, you may even decide to purchase a larger trailer now in the hopes of expanding at a later date. Here we will take a look at why the landscape business and custom trailer bodies go hand-in-hand.

Got Gear?

Of course you do – you’re in the landscaping business! “Gear” is your middle name. You can’t work if you can’t get your equipment to the job. Capable of standing up to the challenges faced by landscapers, today’s stylish but hardy trailers can tolerate rugged terrain and extreme weather conditions. No matter if you take care of parking lots in winter or cut grass in the summer, your year-round partner should be a landscape trailer.

Here’s the thing – there is not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to trailer bodies and the landscaping business. There are lots of options from which to choose, dependent upon your business. No matter what size trailer you choose, however, they are highly customizable.

The Benefits of a Custom Trailer Body

Branding – Whether you’re running a landscaping business or medical practice, image is everything. Make a definite positive impression on potential and current customers with a trailer that matches your branding with custom colors, pertinent information, your logo, and more.

Customization – Dual ramps, roof vents, ungraded rims, shelves, and more to customize your trailer. In order to grow your business, or start a profitable one, numerous features are available.

Size variations – Whether you’re hauling a few accessories, one lawnmower, or what have you, you need a trailer. Choose whatever size trailer accommodates your business.

Got Storage Space?

Purchasing a trailer for your landscaping business can serve you in many ways. We’ve already discussed how carrying around equipment will be easier with the right size trailer. Here are a couple of other benefits/options.

If you don’t have anywhere safe and covered to store your landscaping equipment, but you have room to park the trailer, you won’t need to find a shed or storage facility.

If you do have a shed or garage in which to store your landscaping equipment, but you don’t provide a year-round service, you may consider storing your equipment in your garage/shed and renting out your trailer to others.

Either way, it is a win-win situation.

Turn to Mickey Genuine Parts for Your Trailer Body

Who isn’t interested in saving money these days? Whether you’re a frugal existing business owner or one who is just starting out and needs to save money, we can help. At Mickey Genuine Parts, we frequently carry used trailers. That can be a real money saver!

When you need parts or maintenance for your trailer, there’s no one better to turn to than Mickey. Throughout the United States, we have Mickey certified service centers.

Contact us to find out what Mickey can do for you, today.

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