Improving Operational Efficiency With These Three Trailer Fleet Repairs

Few vehicles take more abuse, especially when compared to smaller vehicles on the road today, than trailers and trucks. These machines are made up of moving parts and materials that become increasingly prone to damage, the more they are used. To keep them dependable and durable, proper care and maintenance are needed. Trusting your truck and trailer fleet repairs to a certified, competent technician is the only way to be sure your fleet is cared for appropriately. Particularly when you consider some of the adverse conditions that today’s trucks and trailers are expected to operate in, wear and tear and damage can be lessened by proper repair and maintenance. Let’s take a look at trailer fleet repairs, specifically.

Trailer Fleet Repairs on an Emergency Level

Occasionally, major damage can be suffered by trucks and trailers if scheduled, preventative maintenance fails or, inevitably, the cards simply are not dealt in your favor. Even with the best preventative maintenance, stuff happens. Parts were never made to last forever, and you can’t always know ahead of time when they will fail. For trailer owners, not only are these issues tedious and problematic, they are sometimes simply unavoidable.

Here’s an example: A flat tire is experienced while driving in horrendous weather conditions. There is nothing left to do but call a maintenance professional to execute an emergency repair. While regular tire inspections can prolong the life of a tire, they can still lose pressure suddenly, or blow out as a result of foreign objects in the road.

Trailer Maintenance On a Schedule

These types of repairs occur on a regular basis and are planned and documented. A number of factors typically figure into a scheduled maintenance timeframe.

Some factors include the following:

  • Running hours
  • Mileage
  • Age of the trailer

It is essential that an experienced mechanic execute these tasks. For your trailer to run in a smooth, transparent, seamless manner, scheduled inspections are not only invaluable, they are a necessity.

Trailer Maintenance On a Preventative Level

Before issues can become a serious threat, the best practice is preventative trailer maintenance. Here’s an example: Preventative trailer maintenance can involve (among other things) regular adjustment and inspection. Here, it would be the responsibility of a skilled mechanic to not only identify but resolve any problem accordingly.

Count on Mickey Genuine Parts for Your Fleet Maintenance

Throughout the United States, we have certified service centers conveniently located. There is every possibility that one will be along your next route. You can trust Mickey for regular or emergency maintenance on your fleet’s trucks and trailers. If you already have your own service center and technicians, you can trust your parts and the delivery of them to Mickey Genuine Parts. We expedite shipping procedures so that your repairs can occur as soon as possible. We know – time is money! If you’d like to discuss repairs with someone, order a part, or have any other questions for one of our knowledgeable representatives, feel free to contact us today. Trust your fleet to the very best – Mickey Genuine Parts.

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