Marketing Trailer Ideas For An Upcoming Trade Exhibition

We conferred with a number of industry experts on the topic of trade exhibitions and discovered something interesting. Experiments were executed involving the replacement of pop-up tents and other activation elements with customizable trailers. The experiments were said to have generated notably positive results. What we are basically referring to here is the use of a reusable, easily customized marketing trailer rather than a tent, booth, etc.

Money Wasted

Activation elements, in general, are perceived by many to be wasteful. A lot of money can go toward procuring elements such as these, pop-up tents, interactive displays by vendors, and more. But they are never to be seen again once a program or exhibition ends. They find their way into storage and rot there.

Eventually, when the storage costs of such items become exorbitant and finally deemed counterproductive (it can equate to thousands of dollars annually), the items are frequently thrown away, given away, or cheaply sold at a considerable loss. Unfortunately, when the next exhibition comes around, rather than being utilized, those elements are all replaced anew. Essentially, companies are throwing money away through practices such as these.

Enter marketing trailers. Everything that a company would have used and enjoyed through the use of a booth, tent, and more can be found through the use of marketing trailers – and then some. They provide options that tents and booths simply cannot. What’s more, a company is far more likely to reuse a trailer such as this than it is a flimsy, easily damaged booth or tent. Additionally, should a company decide that their marketing trailer is no longer needed, for whatever reason, it can be repurposed, sold at a reasonable price, donated to a worthy cause, and more.

Marketing Trailer: Options and Advantages

First and foremost is the resale value of trailers such as these. They are hardy, easily customizable, and usually easy to sell when they’ve served their purpose. Try selling that tattered, ripped pop-up tent or that beat up old booth for a substantial amount. It’s not going to happen.

Marketing trailers are also money and time savers when it comes to event activations and tradeshows. At your next trade show, when it comes to assembling and dismantling your exhibit, a trailer simply gets pulled in (or backed in), opens up, shuts down when the event is over, and gets pulled out. What could be simpler?

These trailers are highly versatile. For easy setup and breakdown, they are relatively self-contained. What’s more, they are not at the mercy of mother nature. If a storm threatens, you simply batten down the hatches, protecting your products, exhibit, and your staff.

Purchasing Versus Leasing Your Marketing Trailer

Should you purchase your marketing trailer, you will also be purchasing a moving billboard. By branding the outside of the trailer, you can let the whole world know what you’re about, even when you’re not at the tradeshow.

For some individuals or even companies, renting the trailer out when not in the use could be an avenue for additional income.

On the other hand, leasing a marketing trailer could be an option for those simply not prepared to make the kind of investment required for flat out purchase. Storage could be another reason for a company to rent a trailer such as this if they don’t have the room to park it when not in use.

Mickey Genuine Parts Has Trailers And Parts

When it comes to trailers, Mickey Genuine Parts knows them inside and out. For the frugal business owner, consider the purchase of one of our used trailers to customize as your very own marketing trailer. We can brand the outside for you, if you choose, or you can leave it plain for easier rental when you’re not using it. Count on our Mickey certified service centers, located throughout the United States, for any service or customization you may need. Contact us today for more information.

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