What Does Mickey Offer For Data Trailers?

Data trailers or data vans are used in any number of industries. Chances are, you’ve seen them insome of your everyday travels. They can be service command centers, cooling stations, office trailers, and more. When you see a police department setting up a control center on wheels – that is likely a data trailer or oversized van. But that’s just an example.

Data trailers and vans can serve as or include any of the following: food/party truck, catering, touring, beverage/coffee/bar, horse/animal transport, custom, TV/news, and more. If not contained within a van they can be pulled by a semi-truck or large pickup or utility truck. It all depends on the size and the function. Mickey carries a plethora of supplies and equipment that data trailer and van owners can make good use of. Let’s check out some of the options.

Rockford Fosgate Speakers

When it comes to data trailers, you want speakers that are going to deliver the high-quality sound you’re looking for. These Rockford Fosgate speakers go by the product code 6012125. They are black with red display lights and are the perfect addition to any data trailer needing to provide impeccable sound.

Gas Shocks

With a product code of 6104692, these gas shocks are used for Mickey data vans and trailers in the belly box doors. They are 120 pound gas shocks and 20.12 inches in length by 8.27 inches STR. We also carry 150 pound gas shocks.

Roller Bearings For Pull-Out Steps

One can only imagine how much wear and tear is put on the bearings responsible for the smooth operation of pullout steps on data trailers. To ensure that quick and smooth operation, they must be kept in tiptop condition. These rollers are used for the 2012 – 2013 data trailer and go by the product code 601-0988.

Roller Track For Pull-Out Steps

If you are in need of tracks for the roller bearings of your pull-out steps to run in, Mickey carries those as well. These steel roller tracks for data trailer pull-out steps have been assigned a product code of 6011910.

Theater Seat

When it comes to the comfort of your customers, or for the comfort of workers that must sit for long periods of time, no compromise should be made. That’s why these theater seats for data vans and trailers are a great idea. Mickey carries these theater seats for both trailers and vans and assigns them a product code of 06011520.

Ladder Access

Not all data trailers use pull-outsteps. Some use ladder access. Mickey carries a ladder access that is suitable for data vans and data trailers. It has been assigned a product code of 6012028.

Data trailers call for a lot of specialized equipment. When you need that equipment, you need it right away. Mickey can ship most orders the very next day. Check out our inventory and if you don’t see what you need, contact our customer sales and service staff today.


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