5 Most Popular Types Of Trailers In The Trucking Industry

Trailers, compared to air freights and sea freights, are more affordable and faster. It is important that you buy one that is appropriate for your business needs. If you want to know the 5 most popular types of trailers, read on to find out more!

Refrigerated Trailers

Refrigerated trailers have mechanisms that control temperature. These are used mostly when the cargo has to be in cold temperatures to prevent any damage. Such items include ice cream, medicines, vaccines, beverages, flowers and frozen food. To regulate the temperature, these trailers have a cooling system and a ventilation system. It also contains a condenser and compressor which are stored in a container. If you are looking for a refrigerated trailer, be sure to check out Mickey Part’s used refrigerated trailers that are affordable yet reliable.

Flatbed Trailers

The flatbed trailer can be used to transport diverse types of cargo, unless your cargo needs to be stored in a cool temperature. For that you will need to upgrade your truck with a refrigerated unit. Otherwise, flatbed trailers are multipurpose. They have open sides, and do not have a roof sheltering your cargo, which makes unloading and loading of your cargo very simple and efficient. This allows cranes to pick up cargo easily too.

Step Deck Trailers

Similar to flatbed trailers, step deck trailers do not have shelters over cargos which makes it easy for cranes to extract cargo. But unlike flatbed trailers, step deck ones are nearer to the ground. The benefit of this is that the cargo can be loaded and unloaded without effortful carrying which makes it easier to drop and damage the cargo. Also, they have two deck levels with ramps. This enhances the efficiency of cargo loading and unloading.

Specialty Trailers

Specialty trailers are used for specific purposes. For example, food trailers only transport food and medical trailers only transport medical supplies. Specialty trailers also transport dangerous materials and chemicals. These kinds of cargo cannot be mixed with other regular cargo to prevent any kind of cross-contamination. The driver needs to acquire a special license to verify his or her ability to deliver the load.

Side-Kit Trailers

Side-kit trailers are designed to transport things that cannot be placed in containers, such as sand, gravel and coal. Side Kit trailers need to be dry, suitable for cargo that contains crops and other plants that cannot have too much moisture. Like the flatbed trailer, the sides can be easily detached, making it easy to unload the cargo. If you are looking for any of these trailers, be sure to check out Mickey Part’s large collection of used trailers. These trailers although used, and affordable, they are extremely durable. Mickey Parts is a world-renowned organization that provides the best products that have gone through quality-control testing. If you already have a truck, but you would like to upgrade it so that you can transport different types of cargo, you can install specific parts such as coolers to transform your truck into a refrigerated one. Feel free to check out Mickey Part’s product page to see what you need!

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