A Simple Truck Lights Buying Guide

Different truck lights serve different purposes and the choice of which one to go for is determined by a number of things. These include the use to which you intend to put them, the law and regulations around vehicle lights in your state as well as the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle. With these three factors in mind, let us look at some of the things you need to consider when purchasing truck lights for your ride.

Understanding The Different Types Of Truck Lights

There are different types of truck lights and they are grouped into three main categories. The first is fog lights which enable the safe operation of a vehicle during foggy conditions. They do this by ensuring that your truck is visible to other motorists during foggy conditions and at the same time allow you to see the road ahead. The second type of truck light is the driving light. These are used in conditions of darkness and help to supplement the light from headlights. While they make night driving a lot safer, it is important to ensure that you always dim or lower their intensity when driving on a busy road. This is because they can potentially blind an oncoming driver and could lead to an accident. The third type of truck light is the floodlight which is used to illuminate roads that are extremely dark. Most truck drivers use these kinds of lights when driving off-road. They typically illuminate more than just the road ahead, allowing the driver to have a better view of the surrounding area.

Now that you have a better understanding of the kinds of truck lights that are available to you, what should you consider when choosing a light for your truck?


Not all brands of truck lights are the same and some offer better illumination than others. Some light brands are also a lot more durable than others. The last thing you want is for your floodlight to go out while in the middle of the bush. When you are choosing the right truck light for your vehicle, ensure that you choose a brand that is of good quality. Your light fitter will probably have a good idea of which brand sot go for and which ones to avoid. Another great way of learning about brand quality is to read reviews on the internet. These can be very illuminating, especially if they are from other truck owners.

Laws And Regulations

When it comes to regulations around what kind of lights you can fit on your truck, it is a good idea to understand what you can fit and what you cannot fit. For example, regulations will typically cover how bright your truck lights can be and where they should be fitted in your truck. The basis of these laws is to ensure that you do not end up posing a danger to other motorists. Working with a professional to fit your truck lights often eliminates any risk of fitting the wrong kind of truck light in your vehicle. Such a professional will be able to advise you on what is allowed so you get the process right from the get-go.

Ease Of Use

The other thing that you need to keep in mind when it comes to fitting truck lights on your vehicle is how easy those lights are to use and maintain. You should also ensure that they are compatible with the electrical system of your vehicle. This helps you t eliminate any danger of damaging your vehicle’s electrical system.

Let’s keep truckin'.

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