Mickey Parts Can Help Fleet Managers With All Their Trailer Repair Needs

Fleet managers of logistics and transport companies have to juggle many concerns and constantly have more than enough to keep their minds busy. In the case of possible return freight, they must define the best route. Where pickup zones are concerned, they must locate the closest trailer. For each and every job, they must schedule the right trailer. All this helps get freight transferred from point A to point B for numerous clients throughout the day. When it comes to jobs for the faint of heart, this is not one of them! Just to throw a wrench into the works, the need for trailer repair can occur at any time.

Though preventative and regular maintenance should be (and hopefully is) a major part of keeping your fleet on the road, it’s just one more thing to worry about for the airport traffic control-like position of fleet manager.

Fortunately, when you have a partner like Mickey Genuine Parts on your side, the repair and maintenance of your fleet can run smoothly and simply. Let’s look at trailer maintenance and some of the most common repair needs.

Predictive Maintenance

The future of a trailer (maintenance) can be predicted by a fleet manager using the following together:

Inside your trailer fleet, potential malfunctions can be somewhat avoided by using the information provided by combining those three things as a forecast. Helping you to gain the best control over your future costs and the condition of your trailer, this is referred to as predictive maintenance.

Regular Maintenance

Maintenance is what is used to prevent your trailer from “going down” – and your business as well, as a result. Some fleet managers, only when absolutely necessary, opt for trailer repair because they view this option merely as costly, annoying affairs. Rather, a good fleet manager treats their trailers in a more professional manner and as part of a fleet family. They know that both fleet managers and drivers are responsible for taking care of and giving attention and love to their trailers through proper maintenance.

Trailer Repair Is Commonly Seen/Needed

Even with the best maintenance program, things happen. Here are the most commonly repaired trailer characteristics/problems:

  • Repair of rolling doors, doors, and replacement or repair of curtains.
  • Brake drum or pad replacements and EBS diagnostics brake repairs.
  • Tire replacement, re-treading, or regrooving.
  • Maintenance and repairs of the refrigeration group.
  • Installation, maintenance, and repair of lift gates.
  • Electrical equipment repair – i.e., waterproof box, socket, lamp, lights, etc.
  • Technical inspections must be prepared for and passed: i.e. tailgate control, preventative visit, etc.
  • Repair of suspension and rolling gear – i.e., suspension valve, cushion suspension, etc.
  • Pneumatic element repair – i.e., air hoses, brake hand valves, etc.
  • Body component repair – i.e., cyclist protection bumpers, wing flaps, bumpers, etc.

Now that you know the most common type of repairs needed by trailers, you have to find out who you can depend on for those repairs. We have a suggestion…

Who Can You Turn to for Your Fleet Repair Needs?

Mickey Genuine Parts has certified service centers located throughout the United States for your convenience. There’s every chance there is one near you. Our technicians will gladly assist you with your repair needs for your fleet – whether they are regularly scheduled repairs, emergency work, preventative maintenance, or what have you.  Do you do your own repairs? We can begin shipping the part you need the same day of your order, provided you order by 2 PM Eastern Standard Time. If the part you need is not in stock, we will expedite shipping ASAP. Contact Mickey today for more information.

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