Buy A New Trailer, Or Recondition And Repair?

You’ve got an old trailer, or you purchased one used. It’s got some damage and/or could probably use a good going over. Is it truly worth it to recondition and repair an old trailer, or should you just get a new one?

If you just purchased a used trailer, hopefully, you or a knowledgeable friend went over it front to back and side to side. When buying used, you want to make sure you’re not purchasing someone else’s headaches. That said, a thorough going over should be one of the first things you do to assure the efficiency and safety of your new used trailer.

Let’s say, on the other hand, you have an older trailer that’s been damaged and is in need of repair or replacement. Should you bother repairing it? The answer depends on the trailer itself, your finances, and other factors.

Let’s look at repair versus replacement. Following that, we’ll introduce you to a place that does all sorts of repair and refurbishing for trailers and trucks.

Good Bones

You may have heard this in reference to buying a home that you’re going to refurbish and/or flip. If it’s got “good bones”, the chances of a successful refurbishment are far better than a home that is dilapidated, rundown, and broken beyond measure.

The same can be said for a trailer. If the chassis is in good condition, even if the body could use some work, it may be worth saving. Paint jobs are doable and often affordable. Need a little work on the liftgate? No problem. That’s another easy fix. Minor part replacement should not be an issue, as long as the basics of the trailer are intact and working.

Critical Areas to Consider Before Repair or Refurbishing

  • There should be no softness or rot in the floor. Also check for the number and condition of steel cross members.
  • Though tires are replaceable, check wheels and tires. Axle damage could lead to uneven tire wear. Check wiring, pads, and electric brakes.
  • Check for visible wear on a gooseneck or tagalong coupler. Make sure they’re working properly. If it concerns you, also check the trailer’s GVWR (it should be on a sticker).
  • Look for visible hazards on all interior surfaces. Make sure that breast bars, butt bars, and interior dividers work easily. Make sure all windows and doors close and latch properly.

Additionally, make sure that when the trailer you’re looking at refurbishing is fully loaded, the tow vehicle is capable of hauling it. This is where that GVWR could come in handy. By at least 8 inches, a gooseneck should clear your truck, if indeed that’s what you’re shopping for. Before you buy a used trailer, see if it’s okay to hitch up the trailer and tow vehicle – just to be sure.

Reasons to Repair and Refurbish

  • For a true upgrade, refurbishing could be an economical method.
  • You can have the outside painted or decaled anyway you want.
  • You could add value with the right upgrades.
  • Refurbishing and repairing is, more times than not, far more affordable than purchasing a new trailer.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you can do some of the work or with a knowledgeable friend. This could be your new project! Imagine the satisfaction you’ll get from a successfully completed undertaking such as this. Whatever parts you need, Mickey has them. Can’t do the work yourself? No problem. We can!

Mickey Genuine Parts Fleet Services

Mickey helps fleet managers every day with the needs of their trucks and trailers. We have skilled technicians who can service trailers. If you do your own maintenance, we have the parts you need. We also offer a selection of used equipment that changes on a regular basis – so check back frequently.

  • Safety inspections – From top to bottom, our reconditioned units are inspected for electrical, suspension, the braking system, and frame.
  • Liftgate repair and installation – For several well-known manufacturers, we are authorized installers and dealers of lift gates.
  • Painting and decals – Mickey has a computer-driven painting system and an environment controlled, automated paint facility with processing techniques that are state-of-the-art. The quality of your painting application will not be compromised because our building is freestanding and totally immune to dirt, dust, weather conditions, and other contaminants.

On the road today, we are responsible for some of the most impressive rolling billboards out there. We do decals containing images of dining room furniture, propane tanks, a box of cookies, vending machines, automotive batteries, icy cold beverage bottles, and more.

  • Chassis modifications – All of our technicians have undergone rigorous training that focuses on the engineering, production, and safety aspects of the chassis drop process.
  • Bodywork – Has the body of your trailer seen better days? No problem. At Mickey, to handle everything from major refurbs to minor repairs, we have four service and reconditioning centers. We work on all vehicles, models and makes doing numerous types of bodywork. We offer fleet appraisals on site and free estimates at any of our reconditioning centers.

Mickey Genuine Parts for Your Fleet’s Needs

Need work done? We have certified service centers located all over the nation. Remember, Mickey has fleet services that include gate repair and installation, painting, decal installment, chassis modifications, bodywork, etc. In addition to trailer parts and repair, we offer safety inspections, on-site estimates, and more.

Contact Mickey Genuine Parts to discuss purchasing a new or used trailer.

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