What You Need To Know About HVAC Truck Organization

When one of your staff members has their HVAC truck out on a call, that vehicle is, more or less, home base for your operations. Inside are all of the resources and tools needed by your team. That said, however, to keep your staff members ready for the next job and efficient, everything inside that vehicle needs to be kept as tidy and organized as possible.

We gathered some information regarding HVAC truck storage ideas from the HVAC pros and came up with a number of tips and organization ideas used regularly. The suggestions should help you and your team operate more effectively and stay at the top of your game.

Organizational Basics

First and foremost, everybody needs to be on the same page. You and your team need to adapt a basic philosophy of continuing truck organization and truck or van maintenance. This needs to be a policy. How well your workers do their job can directly be tied to a rigorous practice of efficiency and tidiness. Where truck organization is concerned, they need to feel a sense of pride.

Let them know that they should not be surprised when you treat them the same way they treat their truck. This can go a long way toward the vehicles in your business being treated correctly.

Much the same way that a cluttered, dirty office isn’t conducive to getting a lot of work done in an effective, efficient, and organized manner – the same applies to the inside of a work vehicle.

Inventory for HVAC Trucks

HVAC professionals have any number of tried-and-true tools and materials that are carried with them on a regular basis. Granted, special circumstances will require precise, not regularly carried items.

The following may well be found in an HVAC truck for inventory:

  • HVAC PPE (personal protection equipment such as kneepads, respirator, arm protectors, hardhat, goggles, gloves, etc.)
  • Professional HVAC essentials (cylinders, machines, scales, pumps, meters, gauges, etc.)
  • Hand tools (caulk gun, drills, wire strippers, wrenches, torch sets, etc.)
  • Various other odds and ends (levels, electrical testers, extension cords, flashlights, ladders, etc.)

For Better Organization

Converting paperwork to digital records is one of the best ways to eliminate loose papers, lost documentation, the need for filing cabinets, etc. By carrying an iPad or tablet (or comparable device), your technicians can keep track of everything digitally.

Shelves, drawers, tiedowns/ratchet straps, and more can be used to separate, organize, and store parts, tools, and materials.

Finally, the right vehicle makes all the difference. Look at what others in your industry are using and take the time to evaluate whether those vehicles would work well for your business now and in the future. Consider not only the vehicle’s storage capability, but fuel costs, maintenance costs, resale value, and more.

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