Do Truckers Need A CDL License To Drive Box Trucks?

Have you considered becoming a trucker? If you’re worried about not having a CDL license, we’ve got some good news. If the truck in question is a box truck, you don’t, for the most part, need a CDL license. Depending on the truck’s GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating), and the size, drivers of box trucks may not be required to be CDL certified.  Here’s the thing, however: from truck to truck, things like GVWR can vary.

For a number of different vehicles including flatbed trucks, tractor-trailers, and more, a CDL is required. But, a CDL is not required if the GVWR is under 26,000 pounds. You want to be in compliance with state laws. Therefore, it is essential that your GVWR be checked before you drive the truck without a CDL.

Box Trucks – What Are They?

So that we are all on the same page, let’s take a close look at exactly what is referred to by the term “box truck”. Here are the characteristics that go into the categorization of box truck:

  • A rear roll-up door is included on most box trucks.
  • The cargo box can’t be accessed from the cab area because it is totally separate from the cab.
  • With a cargo box bolted to the chassis, box trucks have a stretched frame.

Box trucks are purchased as a single piece of equipment, unlike semi-trailers. To carry larger cargo loads, semis have more wheels and are much bigger than box trucks. So that they can detach at shipment points and new cargo can be loaded, trailers and cabs are completely separate in the case of semis.

Completely different purposes are usually served by semis versus box trucks, and they have totally different requirements when it comes to licensing.

Have a Driver’s License? You Can Probably Operate A Box Truck!

As referenced earlier, in many cases, a CDL is not needed to operate a box truck. Again, however, it depends on the specific GVWR. But who uses box trucks? You’re probably familiar with the following:

  • Rental business trucks
  • Service trucks
  • Delivery trucks
  • Moving trucks

Because not much training or practice is needed to drive a box truck, they are used by numerous businesses. It does, however, require a bit of skill to properly operate and safely drive one of these vehicles. Accidents happen all the time. Just because you can drive a large vehicle doesn’t mean you will have the sufficient expertise to know what to do if something goes wrong.

Before You Drive…

Okay, let’s say your box truck is at a gross vehicle weight that does not require you to have a CDL in order to drive it. Before you get behind the wheel, there’s a few safety precautions you should know.

  • This is not a sedan or even a pickup. Compared to smaller vehicles, operating this vehicle requires more road respect and caution.
  • Before you get going, inspect your mirrors. There is no rear window here! One of the most critical pieces of equipment on a box truck are its mirrors.
  • Let cars behind you, pedestrians, bicyclists, etc. know what’s going on by signaling early.
  • Parallel parking might be very sketchy. Avoid tricky maneuvers whenever possible when driving a box truck. If possible, get a spotter to help you when backing and parking.

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