Black BayBack Liner Kit For Beverage Trailers

Truck and trailer owners know that the beds or the insides of trucks and trailers can become beat up, disfigured, rusted, and generally trashy looking because of all sorts of variables. The weather, abuse, and other factors wreak havoc on not only the surface of your truck or trailer but, potentially, the products you carry within them. But by using the Black BayBack Liner, you stand a better chance of keeping everything in the condition in which it was meant to be. This can be extremely important for extending the lifespan and the value of your vehicle or trailer, as well as the value and condition of the products you carry.

Transporters understand the importance of maintaining their vehicles’ value and, particularly, the value of the products they transport. Delivering beat up products is certainly not the way to stay in business for any considerable length of time. If you deliver products that have been damaged in transport, word gets out quickly – and that will have an extreme, significant effect on your bottom line. Even if you’re thinking about providing liners for your entire fleet, the relatively insignificant cost of a liner pales in comparison to the money you will lose if your trucks, trailers, or product (load) are damaged. Why risk it – particularly when installing liners is so easy?

Features of the Black BayBack Liner

  • Each kit comes with tape and rivets for installation
  • Liners originally measure 87 inches tall by 49 inches wide
  • Liners can be cut easily into the desired size
  • Mickey can pre-cut your liner to the specific size that you request

(Mickey also stocks track liners to keep the tracks of your vehicle or trailer in prime, working condition.)

Benefits of Buying a Black BayBack Liner Kit

There are several reasons for using a liner.

  • Protecting your truck bed – your bed is exposed to all of the harsh, cruel elements supplied by Mother Nature, particularly if you don’t have a canopy. This leaves the potential for damage by severe weather. With a liner, however, the metal is protected from the elements. This helps to prevent damage such as rust which could essentially shorten your truck’s value and overall life.
  • Protecting your cargo – bed liners, particularly those that provide skid proof surfaces, reduce the movement of cargo while in the bed of your truck or trailer. This will provide protection for your cargo from becoming damaged by slipping and sliding around. Additionally, they can operate as a shock absorber which will reduce damage causing vibrations.
  • Protecting various other surfaces – liners of all sorts can be used to protect other surfaces of your truck, trailer, or any number of vehicles. There are track liners, bumper liners, and more. Lining the inside of your truck or trailer is only the first step to protecting the value of your trailer or vehicle.

Using a liner is the only way to keep your product and your vehicle or trailer looking its best.

Why Buy Your Black BayBack Liner Kit From Mickey?

If you need help installing your truck liner, Mickey Truck Bodies will be more than happy to assist you. We have service centers all over the nation. Mickey Parts offers each and every one of our consumers the utmost in customer support, premier equipment, parts, sales, service, exceptional manufacturing, and over 100 years of experience. Our knowledgeable team will work together to best fill the needs of your company or your individual truck, van, or trailer parts, service, and purchasing needs. We stand behind everything we sell, even our used products. Contact us to find out what Mickey can do for you, today.

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