Selecting A Lift Gate For Your Truck Or Trailer

When you’re picking the best lift gate, there is a lot to consider. What is your business? Are there any unusual conditions that will require special equipment? What kind of vehicle is being operated? What, exactly, will be lifted?

If you were under the impression that you could just grab any random lift gate for your vehicle, you have made a slight miscalculation. As you can see, there is more to picking out a lift gate than simply flipping a coin or closing your eyes and pointing to a random picture on a page. The good news is, we are going to help you with your shopping process. Here are some essential considerations to think about when you purchase that perfect lift gate that will suit you to a “T”.

The Desired Style for Your Platform

The kind of material desired for your platform is something you need to figure out –steel or aluminum?

The more affordable option is the steel lift gate. It is susceptible, however, to corrosion and rust as a result of roads that are treated with salt. You must decide if you would rather pay more for a product with a longer life or pay less up front but have a lift gate that may not last as long.

Costing more, the aluminum counterpart has a longer life because it is corrosion resistance. It provides the opportunity for decreased fuel costs, increased payload capacity, and more weight advantage. But, as mentioned, you’re going to shell out some serious cash up front.

Your Load Size

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that size doesn’t matter. At least when it comes to purchasing a lift gate. It’s important to specify the size of the application – heavy, medium, or light duty. To determine the capacity that you need, ask yourself how much the cargo weighs. To determine your platform size, ask yourself how large the cargo is.

There are many lift gates which meet multiple capacities of a wide range. Medium duty applications can use rail gates and fold away gates. Heavy duty applications, on the other hand, will find that cantilever gates, rail gates, and slider gates benefit them most.

Remember, when determining your capacity, account for the weight of the driver, pallet jack, pallets, and more.

What Type of Vehicle Are We Referring To?

Of course, in order to make the right choice of the ideal lift gate, you must consider the vehicle type. More precisely, the vehicle’s floor to ground and width measurement are essential factors to consider. Some of the truck bodies and vehicles that may be referred to when shopping for a lift gate can include the following, among others:

It can be marginally confusing, choosing the lift gate that best suits your needs. Hopefully, this has helped at least a little bit. For the rest of your truck, van, and trailer parts, no one does it better than Mickey Genuine Parts. For over 100 years, our customer service, safety, and workmanship standards have surpassed others in the world of transportation. Find out what Mickey can do for you today.

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