What To Look For When Choosing A Service Truck Body

Whether you intend to have only one truck or eventually own an entire fleet, service trucks keep your business afloat. Having a good and reliable truck body is essential for your business. On top of that, the truck bed you choose will greatly affect how productive and efficient you are. When you decide to replace or upgrade your service truck body, do examine the build quality of the bodies that you consider.

Your service truck body is the key component of your truck that holds all your tools and goods. Using it all the time, convenience will also be a key factor that you should take into consideration. To ensure that you know what you are getting when you pay at the dealership, do look at these features mentioned below to get the most for your dollar.

Type of Material Used

Durability is an important factor to consider when choosing a service truck body. Do choose a body made from robust materials that will last for years to come. Corrosion and weather resistance are equally important factors. Rust can be a huge issue for service bodies, causing holes or cracks that can lead to water filling your truck. Weather resistance will protect your cargo and equipment from harsh weather conditions, being key for anyone who works outdoors.

Body Design

Picking the right service truck body is key for conducting your business. However, the truck body you require is very dependent on which industry you are in. Flatbed bodies are a simple addition to a truck, with just a chassis for items to be held down with ratchet straps and ropes. Van bodies are more versatile. They are suitable for many industries and are very weather-resistant. They are also affordable and easily customizable for your needs.

Size of the Body

The size of your service truck body will determine how much your truck can carry, as well as how high your vehicle will be. The former will decide how many pallets or equipment you can load at one time. The latter will affect the places you can access, especially if they have height restrictions or strict parking rules. With these two factors in play, do choose the best configuration to best suit your needs.

Expected Lifespan of the Vehicle

Service trucks are meant to be heavy-duty vehicles. The make and body style of the vehicle determines its lifespan. A heavier material contributes to the truck’s overall weight. This will wear out tires and the vehicle fuel system faster. The costs of replacing these parts will add to your expenses, accumulating over time.


Having a safe and secure truck is not said enough. The smallest of details can spell the difference between you being a victim of grand theft auto and a titan that thieves actively try to avoid. For starters, door handles should be made of a robust material, such as hardened steel. Good add-ons for added security are a master locking system, and steel brackets for door interiors. Thieves will have to circumvent these added security features to break into your vehicle.

Let’s keep truckin'.

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