6 Common Liftgate Options For Your Truck

The function of a liftgate is to help load and unload products which are heavy and bulky. There are many different types of liftgates and you have to choose one based on your truck size or products’ weight. There are varied kinds of liftgates, and it makes a difference which you choose to use. First, you need to know the location of its placement on the truck as well as your preferred method of loading and unloading. You have to also take into account the maximum weight capacity you require it to hold. Different applications may require a certain type of liftgate. We will run through with you about several types of liftgates.

Conventional Liftgate

A conventional liftgate is the original first kind of liftgate invented. It is the exact platform you see when you drop down the front doors of the truck. They are designed especially for your everyday general loading and provide the largest area possible. However, as compared to a railgate, it probably cannot load that much.


Railgates hold greater weight cargo and offer a deeper platform loading area. You typically have to activate a button for this platform to be lowered from the pillars of the truck box. It may take up more time, but it is good for maximum load stability.

Tuck-Under Liftgate

This type of liftgate is hidden under part of the vehicle. It is a space saver and more popular among expediters due to its versatility. It is practical as it allows loading up into the dock without having to shift the gate. This concept easily slides the liftgate out whenever needed. They can be used for simple deliveries as it allows easier and faster dock loading.

Side Loader

A side loader is attached to the side door of a truck. This platform is stored under the body and can be unfolded or extended out from under the truck. It can hold heavy cargo and as its name suggests, it allows loading and unloading at the side of the vehicle.

Cantilever Liftgate

A cantilever liftgate is the best option for any kind of terrain. You can easily tilt the platform according to the height that you require. It also has a very large platform which allows quick loading of heavy items from its sides or back.

Pickup Liftgate

A pickup liftgate is attached to the back of a truck and can only lift light to medium weight items. It is easy to use and cost-effective. For small businesses which have just started, it is a good consideration without exceeding your budget constraints. As you can see, the varied kinds of liftgates all serve different purposes. It makes a difference whether you want to load and unload small, medium, or heavy cargo. It also makes a difference how much budget you have and the size of your truck. Consult an expert today to discuss which is the best option for your company. You want your liftgate to be durable and suitable for your usage. Hence, it is important to think through and consider all the liftgate options.

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