5 Van Storage Ideas For Better Tools Organization

Whether you are getting your first van or revamping it, you need to consider some pointers and do detailed planning. The key is to organize your very own vehicle in a way that is efficient and neat. This will ensure that your work can be done efficiently. You will be able to do inventory checks quickly and source for any tools you require at the moment. If you own a business, your workers will be able to do work effectively and without the stress of locating items. Overall, customers will be pleased with your business, and you can enjoy increased profits as well. Here are 5 van storage Ideas for better tool organization!

Cabinets and Shelves

Cabinets will ensure that your items stay locked in their positions behind the doors. Do consider the size of your van and measure its dimensions before you set off to browse the catalog of cabinets. Some cabinets can have shelving inside and will be good for organizing items.

Your work will decide the kind of shelving that you require. If you or your workers do jobs which require different sizes of materials, whether big or small, you will need adjustable shelves. If your tools are made of certain compostable material, you might choose metal shelves instead of wood shelves. Depending on the region’s climate type and your tool materials, you have to find one which will suit best.


Sometimes you need tools for drill bits, sawing or chiseling and the items can be hazardous if not properly stored. You also do not want to be fumbling for your items if you are in a rush. Hence, drawers will be our simplest and best solution. Your tools will not be broken or dulled. They will have longer durability as well.

Roof Rack

A roof rack will be installed in the exterior of your van to save up space. It can hold all the building materials, paints, or ladders which you will need during work. Make sure that your rack has safety harnesses to tie around your items so that they do not become loose.


This allows you to have a partition in the middle of the van, separating the people and the tools. It helps to ensure the safety of your interior as you do not want the tools to damage your seating area. It will ensure the people’s safety in case of any flying equipment.


Hooks will be good for you to hang small tools or medium sized tools. You can mount them to the side of your interior walls. However, you do need to obtain ropes or cords to bound your tools in place, especially during bumpy rides.

Your van is yours to design and it should look amazing on the inside. You can even stick some van stickers or reminders just for yourself. If you are a business entity, you will want your interior to look neat and presentable. This will boost your business’s reputation.

If you are worried about getting the wrong items, do look for professional advice to plan and design your van.

Let’s keep truckin'.

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