6 Essential Service Truck Accessories To Consider

Some pointers to note when you are choosing accessories or designing your very own service truck:

  • Organization: Is your workstation organized for maximum convenience? Are you able to retrieve all the tools and equipment you may require at any time?
  • Security: Is there enough security to keep your valuable tools and equipment safe? Do you have tools set up to monitor the area outside your truck or tools to prevent theft?
  • Quality: Are you confident that the accessories and materials you selected for your service truck can last for a long time? Are they of the highest durability and quality?
  • Safety: Are all the accessories in place to ensure workplace safety? What are some of the workplace hazards you can try to minimize to increase everyone’s safety?

We will introduce to you 6 essential accessories for service trucks.

Storage Boxes

You will find the need to organize your tools and equipment in your truck as no one likes a messy environment. Tools have to be placed in safe and secure storage boxes to prevent them from falling off during bumpy rides. These storage boxes can also be labeled to ensure that you can find your items faster and easily. This will definitely improve your work efficiency and keep your workplace hazard free. You will discover a whole wide range of tool storage boxes and do find out what kind of features are customizable to suit your company’s needs.

Engine-Powered Accessories

Engine-powered accessories in a truck can reduce the need to run its own engine. This can save your fuel and also save the environment by reducing emissions. You can either get auxiliary power units to store in your truck or get those special units with their own air compressors, generator, and hydraulics. They can hold a large amount of power supply and have built-in inverters. You will not expect any irregularity or jumps in your power supply due to its smooth generator.

Lift Gates

Every service truck should have a liftgate. It is a metal platform to lift heavy equipment from the ground level all the way up to the height of your truck. It will appear as a fold-away metal platform attaching to the back of your truck. Additionally, if you require a dumping function, some lift gates do provide both a liftgate and a dump-through tailgate in a single piece of equipment.

LED Lighting

You will need good lighting for your trucks. LEDs are highly energy efficient with less amount of heat emitted and lower cost. You can utilize less electrical energy for the same light output, hence reducing your cost.

Ladder Racks

Ladder racks can ensure safety while loading and unloading a ladder. You do not need to manually haul your ladder in and out the back of your truck as the ladder rack helps you do the work. Choose one that is automated, easy to use and also durable.

Spare Tire Racks

You will need some spare tire racks to place your spares. This is usually placed on the outside of the truck hence saving space and providing greater accessibility.

There are many other accessories such as the following.

  • Fuel tanks
  • Service truck cranes
  • Heater systems
  • Snowplow
  • Pry bar/hammer holders
  • Chain racks
  • Sliding work trays
  • Hose and reel systems
  • Lubrication systems and skids
  • Rear backup cameras
  • Home comforts (such as small stove or fridge)

There are indeed endless service truck accessories available for you to choose from. In order to create the most suitable service truck setup for yourself, consult with a service truck customization professional who can help you to plan and prioritize. Discuss with them your business’s needs and wants so that you can create your dream service truck.

Let’s keep truckin'.

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