5 Steps To Starting Your Own Delivery Business

Are you thinking of starting a delivery business? Owning your own company will allow you to better control your future rather being subject to the whims of a corporation, while also giving you independence and the opportunity to earn unlimited income. You’ll want to follow the five steps below to get started.

Get the Right Vehicle

To deliver merchandise to your customers you’ll need transportation, but not just any vehicle will do. You’ll want either a step van or truck as they provide the most space. And while there is a big market for used and new vehicles, make sure the one you buy has no costly mechanical issues that have to be addressed, otherwise it will eat into you profits. You also want transportation that is fuel efficient, as you’ll continually have to pay for gas to keep the vehicles going and you never want to pay more than necessary.

Get the Necessary Equipment

Once you have your transportation, you’ll need to procure other equipment, such as a dolly, cargo control, ratchet straps, moving blankets, stretch wrap and bungee cords. This equipment is designed to help you or your workers safely move equipment without damaging it. The more equipment you have at your disposal, the more work you can handle, which translates into more revenue. If you plan to use pickup trucks, be sure to purchase a tarp which can be used to cover the merchandise so its protected from rain as well as straps which will lock it down and prevent the goods from sliding all over the place.

Get the Right Insurance

Like your personal automobile, delivery vans and trucks must be insured to protect you in the event of a collision. Aside from that, you’ll also need separate insurance for your cargo as well as liability. People that know you’re insured will be more likely to become customers, so speak with a commercialized insurance broker so you can determine what options are available and how much it will cost, which may depend on factors such as delivery type, perceived risk and location.

Give Your Business a Catchy Name

The name you give to your business is important. It should be catchy with a nice ring to it, and ideally should consist of one or two words as those are the easiest to remember. Once you’ve come up with a good name you next want to establish the company legally. Though many entrepreneurs keep things simple and operate as sole proprietors, this arrangement lacks the same protections and benefits as a corporation or LLC. Consulting with attorneys or accountants can help you make a good decision as well as utilizing resources like LegalZoom.

Market and Advertise Your Business

Once you’ve named your delivery business, given it a great name and acquired insurance and all the necessary equipment, you’re ready to get started. But people cannot do business with you unless they know you exist, which is why marketing and advertising is important. Make use of online as well as guerilla marketing techniques to cost effectively promote your operation.

Let’s keep truckin'.

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