5 Most Important Upgrades For Linen Trucks

If your business is part of catering, laundry, and linen trades, then you understand the importance of having a delivery vehicle for transporting linen. They are key to ensuring efficient operations. The best linen trucks are specifically designed for easy collection and storage of linen or laundry. They are made with heavy-duty construction and have a huge carrying capacity.

Do you have old linen trucks that you want to modify? Consider incorporating these upgrades that will transform your linen trucks and improve your productivity.

Keyless Entry System 

Lost and stolen keys are common issues in the laundry and linen trade. To minimize this risk, consider upgrading to a keyless entry system. This comes with a proximity wristband that automatically activates the locks whenever the wearer, or driver, exits the truck. It will then unlock the doors as the driver approaches the truck. This will surely increase security and peace of mind.

Camera Systems

Perhaps you are already aware of the benefits that backup cameras provide. What you may not know is that there are other types of camera systems that can also help your day-to-day operations. These include blind-spot and 360-degree cameras. These give you better visibility to avoid hazards while on the road or while parking. Installing dash cameras is also an excellent upgrade, making it easier for fleet managers to monitor drivers on duty.

Grab Handles and Handrails

Your drivers or staff must load and unload linen or laundry multiple times a day. For this reason, prioritizing efficiency is a must when upgrading linen trucks. You want to make their job easier and safer. To do that install more grab handles and handrails. This way, the driver can safely and quickly enter and exit the truck. Additionally, you should place anti-slip materials on the floor and stepping areas to prevent accidents.

All-Aluminum Flooring

Do your trucks still have wood flooring? You need to upgrade to aluminum flooring. This way, sanitizing and cleaning the truck’s interior with chemicals will be easier. Also, aluminum flooring is more durable and lighter in weight as compared to wood. This expands the overall lifespan of your linen trucks.

Truck Skin Decals or Wraps

If it has been years since the last time you installed truck decals or graphics, chances are the lettering and logos are already fading. In that case, it is high time to replace them. Giving your linen trucks a fresh look can boost brand awareness. Wrapping them with updated company designs can set you apart from the competition, which is why it is good for your business.

Tips When Upgrading Your Linen Trucks

Before installing any systems or features, take your time digging into the daily challenges that your business faces. Talk to the drivers to get a better picture of their work. Do not attempt to perform the truck upgrades on your own, especially if you are a single-truck business. A single mistake can mean downtime. That’s why you should hire professional outfitters to ensure that everything is installed properly without ruining the integrity of your trucks.

Let’s keep truckin'.

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