6 Innovative Uses Of Step Vans You Should Know

Step vans are popular for their many housing compartments and ability to carry a wide range of merchandise. It is for this reason that they are employed in multiple industries, and below are six innovative uses of step vans.

Carrying Tools to Worksites

There are certain professions such as landscaping where multiple tools must be carried to a single worksite. Sometimes contractors must carry more equipment and tools than a standard trailer or truck can carry, making step vans a great alternative.

Operate as a Culinary Vehicle

Due to their extensive cargo space and storage areas, it is rather simple to modify step vans with cooking tools so they can be transformed into your mobile eatery, where you can serve great tasting food to customers for a fraction of the cost of setting up a traditional standalone restaurant.

Offer Assistance after Natural Disasters

In the aftermath of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, hurricane, or flood, step vans can quickly be loaded with resources, tools, equipment, and other emergency provisions that can then be used by first responders to come to the aid of those who need help.

Making Daily Deliveries

At least until teleportation is invented, transportation will always be needed to deliver daily goods such as equipment to nearby businesses, packages and mail, restaurant ingredients, and merchandise which is sold over the web. Of all the transport options available, step vans are sought after due to their roll up style doors that make it easier to safely distribute goods.

Provide Assistance to Law Enforcement

While armored vehicles are commonly associated with police departments and SWAT teams, they also use step vans in the form of mobile based command centers which can be readily relocated as the need arises.

Setup a Mobile Store

In addition to mobile restaurants, which can be launched and operated at the cost of a conventional stationary eatery, mobile vans may also be used to setup mobile stores where you can sell items such as electronics, toys, artwork, housing supplies and other goods. You can travel to your customers wherever they might be and will save money by avoiding the costs that come with operating a standalone retail outlet.

Why Step Vans and Not Semis, SUVs or Pickup Trucks?

The other transportation options which are commonly used for transporting merchandise include semis, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), and pickup trucks. While each does have advantages, there are a number of reasons why step vans are far more efficient, for the following reasons:

  • Semis are large, extremely expensive and difficult to maneuver in urban spaces. While they do carry far more merchandise that step vans, they have specific licensing requirements and cost substantially more, at least six figures even for a used model.
  • While sport utility vehicles have a number of similarities with step vans, they are primarily design to transport families and as such have numerous seats. These seats take up space which could otherwise be used to carry merchandise.
  • Pickup trucks have a flatbed in back which does make them suitable to carrying lots of goods, but the lack of a roof or containment means that they will be fully exposed to the elements, which is unacceptable for certain sensitive or perishable goods.

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