5 Overlooked Truck Parts Problems Caused By Winter Driving

Snow-covered roads present a big challenge even for professional truck drivers. For this reason, a thorough truck inspection is a must before driving in harsh winter conditions. A pre-trip inspection allows you to identify potential issues and resolve them to avoid the risk of accidents.

Now, there are several truck parts problems in winter that are often overlooked. These parts become susceptible to damage during cold weather. Read on to learn more about them and what you can do to keep yourself safe on the road.

Frozen Windshield Wipers

The most exposed truck parts experience the most wear and tear, especially when the temperature is below freezing point. These include windshield wipers. These parts get frozen and eventually break while in use. You need to prevent this from happening otherwise it will be dangerous to drive in the rain or snow. What you can do is replace your wind wiper blades with ones that are made for winter. Alternatively, you can also remove ice and snow from your windshield regularly before driving.

Dead Batteries

The last thing you want to happen is for your truck battery to die while you are in the middle of nowhere. Besides not being able to drive to your destination, the freezing weather can also affect you because your truck’s heater won’t function. The battery has to work twice as hard to start the engine and power up the headlights, heater, and other systems during the winter. To avoid overworking the battery, be sure to bring jumper cables at all times. You should also consider replacing the battery prior to hitting the road.

Under-inflated Tires

Winter is the right time to inflate your tires because it is during this season that their pressure drops. In fact, it is reported that tire pressure decreases by 1 PSI with every 10-degree decrease in temperature. So, before driving on snowy and icy roads, check your tire pressure. See to it that they meet the recommended PSI. Give your tires more traction by using snow chains so you can be safer while driving.

Spark Plugs Failure

Another common step that truckers skimp on is inspecting the spark plugs. Your truck won’t start if there is a problem with this part. So, do the inspection thoroughly, checking for any signs of wear. If they are worn out, then they must be replaced. It’s also a good habit to let your truck warm up for at least five minutes to allow heat build-up and get the right air-fuel ratio.

Frozen Doors and Handles

Just like most of the exterior parts of your truck, the doors and handles also get frozen in the cold. You can easily avoid this by parking your truck in a covered place where snow won’t get in. A de-icer spray will also come in handy to unfreeze or thaw the doors and handles.

Cold weather can take a toll on various truck parts. With proper preparation and practicing winter driving safety precautions, accidents can be avoided. If you are looking to buy safety equipment for your truck, contact Mickey Parts or browse our online store.

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