A Step-By-Step Guide To Building A Concession Trailer

Concession trailers are in high demand because they can easily attract customers, are mobile, and are easy to set up. They are commonly seen at food parks, festivals, and carnivals. If you have a recipe that you think will be a hit, you should seriously consider building a concession trailer. But how do you start?

As with any type of investment, a concession trailer requires effort, time, and resources. In this guide, you will be walked through the essential steps that will get you started in your new business.

Speak with a Health Inspector

Meeting building codes is necessary when creating a custom concession trailer. To know exactly what codes you have to follow, get a checklist from the health inspector in your county or area. Included in the codes you must follow are drainage systems, food storage, and wastewater storage.

Understand Local Building Codes

While a concession trailer appears to be different, it still has to meet the same rules or standards that a brick-and-mortar store does. Hence, calling your city ordinance office to ask about electrical wiring and plumbing codes must also be a part of your plan. Otherwise, you may not be permitted to get a business license.

Find a Suitable Trailer

This step can be taken before or after planning a layout. You want to make sure the size and space are enough to accommodate all your equipment and staff. Consider a trailer that already has electric service for your convenience. If you are buying an old trailer, check the condition of the walls, ceilings, floor shelves, and all the other things that come with it.

Create a Layout Design

Get design ideas from different concession trailers that you like. When drawing a layout, take note of your trailer’s dimensions. Plan your layout around essential features such as sinks, refrigeration areas, ice machines, and other kitchen appliances. Make sure you have enough space for food preparation. Find a place for your soda machine so that it can be connected to the water filtration system. Maximize the space by installing shelves above.

Furnish Your Trailer

The real work starts when you begin furnishing the trailer. There are many things that a concession trailer should have. If it’s a brand-new one, then you might need to purchase stainless-steel sinks, storage cabinets, soda machines, and other appliances. While shopping, do not choose equipment that is too big and heavy. Look for storage or shelves that can be retrofitted for trailers.

Don’t Forget About Serving Windows

These are essential features of your trailer because they are where you serve and interact with customers. Choose serving windows and doors that are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They should prevent air infiltration and loss.

Install More Electrical Receptacles Now

Because adding them later will be difficult. In some cases, a second inspection is necessary. To determine the number of electrical receptacles you need, count all equipment that requires power, then double that number.

Place Tanks Where They Are Easy to Maintain

It is recommended to locate your propane tanks, generators, and wastewater tanks on the tongue of the trailer. That’s because these systems will need regular maintenance. By putting these somewhere accessible, they can be maintained easily.

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