4 Must-Have Features On Your Commercial Truck

A commercial truck needs to be reliable, durable and efficient so it will not be worn out easily while on the road. Apart from the internal system such as the motor and engine, the external parts of the commercial truck need to work well to serve the aforementioned purpose. Want to know the top features that you need to have on your commercial truck? Read on to find out more! After reading, you will know what functional upgrades your truck might need.

Extra Fuel Tanks

Delivering goods and services punctually is the most important job of a commercial truck. Imagine if you are running out of fuel and you are not able to deliver your goods on time because you had to drop by the gas station, you get complaints from your client, and you supervisor scolds you for poor service. Alternatively, you could store auxiliary fuel tanks so that you could replenish immediately when you are low on fuel.

Ladder Racks

A ladder rack helps to secure the ladder to the external of the truck. The purpose is to free up the space in the interior so that there is more space to store your goods. This way, you can do more deliveries during the day without driving back to your storeroom multiple times. Secondly, with ladder racks, loading and unloading the ladder is made more efficient. This helps to save time as well. Lastly, since it is easy to move the ladder from the ladder rack, there is no need to carry the ladder in and out of the commercial truck, making the risk of injury less likely.

Heavy-duty Floor Mats

As commercial trucks carry a lot of goods, the weight may cause a depression on the metal bed. This may damage your truck overtime. To prevent this, you should install rubber floor mats to cushion your metal bed. The rubber’s friction also prevents your cargo from moving around so that your clients’ items will not be damaged. Furthermore, the water-resistance of rubber can prevent moisture from collecting on your metal bed. This may cause rust.

Install Hitches and Towing Equipment

Sometimes your commercial truck may have to meet the heavy demands of hauling boats, or trailers. You will need hitches with optimal towing potential to do this easily. Be mindful that hitches are tailored to the kind of vehicle that you own. Ask the hitch supplier to review your vehicle to make accurate recommendations. If you need any of these items, feel free to browse through the diverse range of products that Mickey Parts has to offer. Mickey Parts is a flexible manufacturer of commercial truck body parts. As the leading brand in the industry, we offer reliable and durable vehicle parts just like the ones mentioned above, to upgrade your vehicle to maximize its functional use. If you do not have a truck and would like to invest in one for your business, Mickey Parts also provide used trucks, trailers and vans. Although sold at an affordable price, we guarantee its quality. Contact Mickey Parts to find out more!

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