Why You Shouldn’t Skimp on Commercial Fleet Maintenance

If your business relies on commercial fleet maintenance, the last thing you want is to give it less priority. Most companies make significant reductions in maintenance in times of economic crisis. On the surface, it seems somewhat understandable: it’s an easy line item to cut on – and one that guarantees maximum savings. In the long run, however, maintenance cutbacks may lead to higher costs.

With fleet maintenance skimping on the rise, it’s essential to learn the dangers of following this financially lethal trend.

You Risk Suffering the Impact Of Unforeseen Downtime

Unforeseen downtime comes about when you don’t implement a regular schedule on reactive maintenance. It can be rather challenging to plan maintenance for fleets that are mostly dependent on diverse assets in terms of make and model. Even so, that does not justify why you should not schedule regular fleet maintenance. Reactive maintenance should never be a second option in any business that hopes to keep its customers happy.

Skimping Lowers Your Bottom Line 

Most people think it strange to pay generously to have their vehicle serviced when it’s in tip-top shape. It may, however, cost extra to have it repaired if you deprive it of the maintenance it needs. When vehicles receive commercial fleet maintenance, parts such as hoses and belts get replaced before they break. Keep your bottom line higher by catering to your auto maintenance fees. Later on, you won’t have to worry about extended breakdowns that may delay services to your truck.

You Lose Touch With What to Look for in a Good Maintenance Program 

The longer you skimp on fleet maintenance, the more you drawback on the best fleet service options to choose from. Some companies may end up taking advantage of your little knowledge of fleet maintenance programs and overprice their services.

Additionally, being unaware of the newer options may lead to your vehicle, not getting the right kind of servicing it deserves. Any program you settle for should accommodate any or all of these critical components:

  • Flexibility
  • Warranty recovery assistance
  • Technical advice from expert staff with years’ worth of training
  • Assistance with invoice reconciling and other administrative burdens
  • Consistent and predictable costs

Poor results in inspections and testing

For obvious reasons, you stand to enjoy relatively better outcomes in vehicle inspection and testing. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates truck safety all across America. When you perform consistent maintenance on your fleet, you leave zero room for such agencies to administer corrective action. They do this in a bid to make your vehicles safer for your potential clients.

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