Best Trailers that are Moving Freight on the Market

As you know by now, trucks are the most widely used means of freight transportation. Aside from making transportation less expensive, inland freight transportation also decreases the rate of unemployment in the society. Trucks generally rely on trailers to carry and transport the load. Trailers have different purposes and load capacities. To help you determine the best one for your transportation needs, here are a couple of the best freight trailers on the market right now: 

 Dry Freight Van Trailers 

It is a fully sealed and enclosed 636-foot box that is used in the transportation of non-perishable items. Most shippers and carriers prefer dry vans since their freight receives maximum protection from external influences.


Next to dry vans, flatbed trailers are commonly preferred in the trucking industry, mostly because of their versatility. They are used in the transportation of cargo that won’t typically fit in enclosed areas or on regular sized trailers. 

 Pup Trailer 

They are very similar to dry vans except they are relatively shorter and have a single axe. They can either be used as a single delivery trailer in congested surroundings or be combined with a different trailer while on transit. Pup trailers are available in two types: swing doors and roll doors. 

 Straight Truck

Otherwise known as a bobtail truck, standard straight box trucks are among the most effective and classic commercial vehicles in the market today. It is used to transport small or medium-sized cargo. The truck’s axels are all attached to a singular chassis to give the vehicle additional compact operation. 


Reefer freight trailers are designed with a diesel-run refrigeration unit to maintain the freshness of fruits, vegetables, and other perishable cargo while on transit. Capacities and dimensions of a reefer trailer vary significantly from other freight trailers. 

Lowboy Flatbed

Unlike regular flatbeds, the lowboy flatbed can haul weighty cargo. It has a distinct design that allows the trailer to sit near to the ground. 


The flatbed is similar in length/width dimension to the flatbed trailer. The only difference is that the height of the deck is lower by 20 feet – this allows for higher max cargo dimensions.


If you want your cargo to stay protected during transit, settle for the Conestoga trailer. Appearance-wise, this freight trailer looks like a combination of the flatbed and a dry van. You could opt to upload your cargo from the top or the side.

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