Which Freight Truck Trailers Are Purchased Most Frequently?

The world should be very grateful for the invention of the trailer. We use them to deliver massive amounts of freight, haul animals, transport smaller items, and pull our homes on wheels. But there are numerous types of trailers on the road today. Not a day goes by that any number of individuals don’t purchase a new or used trailer of some kind.

But which of those are the most popular and frequently purchased trailers? Let’s take a look.

The Side Lifter Trailer

While not the most popular, it is certainly worth its weight in gold. This commercial trailer is a flatbed which uses hydraulic cranes. At either finish of the chassis, these cranes are mounted. Without the required use of a forklift, these trailers permit container unloading and loading. Concrete barriers and big pipes are often hauled with these trailers

Beverage Trailers or Refrigerated Trailers or Refers

Usually attached above the cab is a heating/cooling unit that gives this dry van box its name – reefer. A refrigerated beverage trailer, without the front mounted cooling device, would simply be your average dry box trailer. And of course, insulation has been added to the doors and sides. Dairy, ice cream, and other perishable items are frequently hauled in this commonly selected trailer.

Curtain Side Van Trailer

Movable curtains on the side are what make this trailer different from your basic dry box trailer. With a slick waterproof coating, these curtains are made of layered fabric. This water-resistant trailer has the easy loading of a flatbed and the protection of a dry box trailer. These trailers are a huge favorite in wet climates thanks to their ability to safely/dryly haul lumber.

Dry Box Van Trailer

Now that you’ve heard this referred to a number of times, we might as well discuss it. Of all the freight trucks seen on the highways and byways around the world today, this is, by far, the most popular. Hauled inside these trailers are dry good options such as groceries, clothing, electronics, and much more. They come in regular industry standard lengths of the following:

  • 53 feet
  • 48 feet
  • 45 feet
  • 40 feet
  • 46 feet
  • 34 feet
  • 32 feet
  • 28 feet

The Flatbed Trailer

If a load can be strapped down and stacked, a flatbed trailer will likely be responsible for hauling it. These trailers offer removable side rails along their load floor, and in case the load should shift, a bulkhead that protects the tractor. As far as length goes, they can be 53 feet in length or 48 feet in length. For hauling certain goods, and in order to better secure the load, side kits are available for some flatbeds.

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