Where Should You Install Propane Tanks on Your Food Trucks?

Propane tanks are a necessary piece of equipment for almost every type of party trailer or food truck, no matter what type of on-the-go cuisine and beverages are being served up. But tanks must be stored properly and secured for safety and easy transportation requirements. Is there a best case scenario when it comes to the location at which food truck owners should install their propane tanks? Let’s take a closer look at this dilemma.

Is There a “Best Location”?

If you’ve been operating a food truck for a considerable length of time, you probably already know that the topic of “best location for a propane tank” is a hotly debated one. The two most popular opinions are as follows:

  • At the rear of the truck, install the tank vertically.
  • Underneath your food truck, in a protected compartment, install the tank horizontally.

Clearly, these are highly differing opinions! Technically, either location will allow you to actively operate the tank and your food truck. But during the buildout process, might there be an optimal method of installation?

Tanks That Are Vertically Installed

Though they will accommodate customers wanting either type of installation (vertical or horizontal), some professional specialty truck and trailer building companies have made vertical installation of tanks their standard building process. The two main benefits of vertical installation include the following:

  • While traveling to events, the tank is less likely to be struck by road debris.
  • When it comes to inspection, the tanks are more visible in this position.

But there are more benefits, such as:

  • Vertical installation allows for quicker and easier filling or tank swapping.
  • A 100 pound vertically installed tank (as an example) is more affordable per unit than a horizontal tank. On the on average, per unit, the cost could be roughly $150-$200 more for horizontal.
  • Safety features such as extended bumpers and above bumper tank installation help ensure the safety of the driver and the drivers around them.

Tanks That Are Installed Horizontally

Even though safety precautions can be specially designed for the protection of vertical tanks, considered safer by some builders are the horizontally installed tanks. The reasoning is that the unit is protected in the event of an accident because it is located underneath the truck in a protective compartment. This installation still, however, presents risks.

Debris from the road can be kicked up and hit this tank while traveling. Vendors could even have problems with something as seemingly insignificant as a large speedbump. It’s also harder to check for leaks on a horizontally mounted tank.

So, how do you make this all important decision? When all else fails, because you want to pass any and all requirements or codes, check to make sure that the installation of your tank conforms with local guidelines.

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