Do Your Truck Drivers Know How To Transport Automotive Batteries Properly?

If you are planning to transport batteries, there are seemingly endless rules and regulations that apply, depending on the batteries themselves. These specifications of transport fall under International Dangerous Goods Regulations and United States Hazardous Materials Transport. For the specifics, click here.

For the sake of brevity, however, let’s just go over some easy methods and tactics for the simple transport of a single to a few automotive batteries. Shipping automotive batteries in bulk will have very different steps that need to be taken.

You Won’t Move My Batteries?

Movers are one type of trucker that may downright refuse to transport batteries. Anything that contains electrical compartments and toxic fluids can be questionable when it comes to the people that move your furniture and other belongings. In that case, you may have to do it yourself. The following suggestions will assist you in your endeavor. The information below will also be useful to truckers that just have a single or a handful of batteries to move.

The Automotive Battery Should Be Wrapped

Inside an automotive battery are toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Before placing any battery or batteries in your truck it/they should be properly wrapped and boxed. In case it leaks during transport, a thick cloth is the best material with which to wrap a battery. Some people use old sheets, but a nice thick (old) bath towel works extremely well. Make sure that on all sides the battery is completely covered. Secure the material over the battery with duct tape once it’s covered. Wrap all four sides with tape.

Automotive Batteries Should Be Boxed

Once your cloth wrapping is in place, find a box that is larger than the battery and place the battery inside. Make sure that the battery is not placed upside down in the box. Around all sides, pack newspaper to avoid the battery shifting inside the box. Enclosing the battery inside, wrap duct tape around all sides of the box. Labeling is important. Print “This Side Up” on all sides and “Fragile”.

Storage of a Battery

Now that the battery is ready to go, it’s time to place it within the back of your truck, van, or trailer. The most important thing now is to make sure that the battery stays where you put it. It must be secured. Just in case any of the acid finds its way through the towel and the box, it’s best to keep the battery away from any other part, product, package, etc. Anything that battery acid touches could be severely affected. (Which means you won’t be using that towel again!)

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