What You Need To Know About New And Retread Commercial Truck Tires

When it comes to commercial truck tires, are new tires or retread tires better for your fleet? Is one actually preferable over the other? It’s a debate that never seems to end. If you have a large fleet, when it comes time for tire replacement, you could well find yourself weighing the cons and pros of both. So, when it comes to your maintenance and repair budget, will you be able to make an informed decision regarding new versus retread commercial truck tires? To assist you in your quest, let’s take a look at the ups and downs of both.

Benefits of Retreaded Commercial Truck Tires

When it’s time for tire replacement, should you go with retreads? These involve new tread rubber with the original casing. In terms of safety, tread depth, etc., they are held to the same quality standard as are new tires. They are less expensive than new tires because they reuse the casing. You could increase your bottom line, and save a significant amount of cash, by supplying your fleet with retread tires.

On the other hand…

Benefits of Brand-New Commercial Truck Tires

There are many benefits to be enjoyed by using brand-new tires for the tire replacement project on your commercial truck fleet. These tires are in their first life, so there aren’t any remaining quality issues or soon-to-be-needed potential repair issues. Some of the main benefits cited by fleet owners are increased performance and increased cushion, when using new tires as replacements for old ones. Some even feel that they’re safer.

Some people believe that, due to support layers and the new casing on retreads, marginally better mileage is experienced by new tires. Regardless, hand-in-hand go fuel consumption, tread depth, and tire inflation. You’ll spend less on fuel with properly inflated tires.

There is, of course, one major downfall to new tires, regardless of their many benefits. Compared to retreads, brand-new tires are wildly pricey! New tires can make a serious dent in a maintenance and repair budget, as any fleet manager can tell you.

One has to weigh this: Should I spend all that extra money on brand-new tires when I’m capable of getting a high-quality tire replacement with the right retreads?

One Professional Fleet Manager Says…

One fleet manager, who prefers to remain anonymous, said that he uses retreads for as much as 75% to 80% of his fleet.

The standard recapping process of mold cure has been done away with. Helping to boost retread safety today are the changes made to preferred manufacturing methods. Additionally, safety and quality gaps have been narrowed between new tires and retreads thanks to not only recapping procedures, but inspection techniques, as well.

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