What You Need To Know About Commercial Wraps For Van Bodies

If you are considering looking into commercial wraps for van bodies, there are a number of helpful pointers that we would like to give you. The basics of a good commercial wrap or van skin involve an easy to understand and easy to read message with a simple concept design.

If you would like to design a commercial wrap for your van body or trailer, read on for some tips.

The Brand Is Essential

The logo and brand identity have everything to do with whether or not a commercial wrap fails – at least from a marketing perspective. The vehicle wrap’s primary message should always be the brand. The only exception might be if you have recognition as a national brand. But the brand is always the primary message, particularly if a community impact is to be made by a small business. Don’t fail before you even begin with a poor brand. Huge opportunities at marketing can be wasted by spending money on a wrap that misses the point.

Photos Aren’t the Best Idea

This is a point of contention between varying wrap designers, but in the opinion of many, photos are not an effective use of space on van or trailer body wraps. Chances are, the brand identity is not associated with an actual photo and won’t be connected with the name of the business.

People only have about 2 1/2 seconds during which to view the advertisement on a vehicle wrap. If they waste time looking at a photo, they are not going to get the idea the rest of the wrap is trying to convey – such as the brand name (actual business) or logo. By the time they realize that they’re looking at a picture of an air conditioner or a pretty house, the passing vehicle is gone, and they have missed the name of the company, what they do or provide, the phone number, the logo, etc. The entire message has flown by without being absorbed.

Advertising Copy Should Be Limited

This is on the same lines as wasting time and space with a picture. If people have to think too hard and too long about what your wrap is trying to convey, the message will be lost. Keep it simple and make it stand out! If the viewer has to work hard at trying to understand the message, the message is irrelevant.

What is the primary take away that you want your viewer to absorb? Is the wrap legible from a distance? Does it communicate effectively? These are the biggest and most important questions regarding an effective commercial van or trailer body wrap.

For the frugal minded individual, Mickey Genuine Parts carries used trailers that can be painted or covered with commercial wraps as needed. Should you require parts or service for your van or trailer, Mickey’s got you covered there as well. Contact one of our knowledgeable service representatives today to find out more about trailers, parts, and services provided by Mickey Genuine Parts.

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