What Is A Good Way to Clean A COVID-Infected EMS Van

On a regular basis, an EMS van needs to be cleaned and disinfected by EMS (emergency medical services) personnel following patient transport. Now, in this time of the coronavirus pandemic, cleaning and disinfecting have become even more important. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has put forth some guidelines for the purpose of disinfecting healthcare vehicles while the coronavirus still continues to affect the nation (and the world).

Steps To a Clean, Disinfected EMS Vehicle

  • For containing and laundering used linen, follow standard operating procedures. Do not shake the linen.
  • For the containment and disposal of regulated medical waste and used PPE (personal protective equipment), follow standard operating procedures.
  • Before using it on another patient, clean and disinfect reusable patient care equipment.
  • In accordance with standard operating procedures, clean and disinfect the vehicle. Thoroughly clean surfaces like walls, floors, control panels, rails, the stretcher, and other work surfaces.
  • Use a disinfectant that is EPA approved.
  • Regarding frequently touched objects or surfaces: before applying a hospital grade disinfectant, use cleaners and water to pre-clean surfaces. This is standard with routine disinfecting and cleaning procedures.
  • To ensure ventilation during cleaning, keep doors open. For cleaning and disinfecting, follow environmental procedures.
  • Wear disposable gloves and a mask when cleaning the vehicle. If sprays and splashes are expected during cleaning, a facemask, face shield, or goggles should also be worn.
  • For adequate airflow, leave at least the rear doors of the vehicle open.

Our nation’s health workers put themselves at risk every day to see to it that the rest of us are healthy or are on our way to getting healthier. But there are few, if any, industries that have NOT been affected by the coronavirus.

Trucking’s Future Reshaped by COVID

Earlier this year, it seems like overnight the world changed. Before things get back to what could be referred to as a “new normal”, it may be some time. In the trucking, delivery, and transport industry, some changes have occurred as well. A number of these changes will be in effect only briefly while others may extend indefinitely.

Safety and health practices in logistics and the commercial transportation industry were among the first things to be altered. During the pandemic, for commercial truck drivers, heightened safety measures go beyond standard practice. Heart disease, obesity, and other pre-existing conditions exist in drivers, more than in many other industries. The risk of contracting the coronavirus is a higher risk with these individuals. To protect the core workforce segment in the industry, carriers are acutely aware of needed changes and are, therefore, taking extra precautions.

Emphasis on Personal Safety

The following have been put into place in the trucking, transport, logistics, and delivery industry where many companies are concerned:

  • Limited paperwork interchange and flow between the workforce and drivers at delivery and pickup points.
  • Before they are allowed on site, drivers’ temperatures are being checked at certain delivery and pickup locations.
  • While trailers are being filled or emptied, drivers are asked to remain in the cab.
  • Gloves, facemasks, and other PPE provided to drivers and employees.

Additionally, once a vaccine has been discovered and implemented, supplying personnel with bracelets or medical cards that indicate the person has been vaccinated (or has already experienced COVID) is being considered.

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