What Does A Modern Plumbing Van Need?

If you own a plumbing business, you probably have a pretty busy schedule. Possibly not first and foremost on your list, the organization of your plumbing truck may end up taking a backseat. That’s a big mistake! A well organized, tidy, and neat plumbing van delivers efficient operations, productivity, and even safety.

It’s unprofessional, after all, in order to complete a job, to spend 20 minutes desperately searching for spares or tools. In an emergency situation where water damage is occurring, every minute of delay worsens the situation. So, having to search needlessly for parts and tools can have serious implications.

To help keep your modern plumbing van more organized, we’re going to offer some tips from the professionals. That hectic schedule of yours may become a little less so with the following advice.

Invest in Today’s Software

Today, there are high tech apps and software to help keep track of inventory, driver inspections, maintenance, mileage, and more. Your work can be streamlined and integrated by your CRM and field management suite being linked through a cloud-based mobile app.

Truck Maintenance Is Essential

You lose business and credibility when delays and holdups occur. Avoid breakdowns! Make sure you have monthly and weekly schedules for your van maintenance. Every week, check vital statistics like oil levels, tire pressure, and more.

Regularly Clean the Van

Inside your plumbing van, unwanted items and junk accumulate. At the end of each day, clean out your vehicle. Restock the van for tomorrow and throw away waste. Remember, whenever possible, to clean as you go. Stock a duster, sanitizing wipes, trash bags, and a low-file trashcan.

The Right Accessories Can Enhance Your Van

Your plumbing van will be safer and more ergonomic with the right accessories. Consider the following:

  • For easier visibility, interior van door tap-activated lights.
  • To prevent slippage, anti-slip floor mats.
  • To reduce noise and maintain the van’s interior, use ceiling and wall liners.

Flexibility Is Crucial

Your van is going to get pretty heavy when you consider how many tools, parts, etc. are carried around on a daily basis. Not only will you need to carry what may be required for a specific job, the basics will always be in your van (see below).

Consider using the most accessible location for the spares and tools you use most often.

The Basics Should Always Be Stocked

There are basic tools of the trade in the plumbing business.

  • Kneepads, safety glasses, gloves, and more are included in safety gear.
  • Antiseptics, gauze, etc. are carried in a basic first aid kit.
  • A pocket level, tape measure, sandpaper, sharpie, and pencil are required by every plumber.
  • Additionally, a drain machine, voltage tester, voltmeter, and solder flux are pretty basic requirements.
  • Basic tools can include a hammer, cable saw, Allen wrench set, fitting brush, torch, tube cutters, and more.

A Good Shelving System Is Priceless

A good quality shelving system will help your organization efforts immeasurably. On the floor, on bins, and on every side wall, include compartments. Label each bin and compartment and/or use color codes. Have enough compartments to segregate spares, equipment, and various tools.

Mickey Genuine Parts For Service And Customization

With numerous Mickey owned and approved service centers conveniently located throughout the United States, there’s probably one close by. We can help customize your plumbing van with shelving and other necessary equipment. We can also help with the scheduling and execution of your preventative fleet maintenance.

Need parts or a used vehicle? We can be of assistance here, as well. Contact our customer service people today. They are ready and willing to be of service.

Let’s keep truckin'.

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