Using Dry Freight Van Bodies To Transport Large Goods Around Town

Businesses like appliance stores, furniture shops, retail stores, and other companies that deliver large goods to customers’ homes and around town want to be assured that the delivery truck is reliable and that their cargo is secure. Additionally, they prefer a good reflection of their brand and the trucks in which they are delivered to be aesthetically pleasing. Where the purchase of dry freight van bodies is concerned, nobody beats Mickey Truck Bodies. Since 1904, it has been (and remains) a family owned and operated business. We carry ideal transport models that assist in all applications of dry freight including the following:

  • Leasing and rental
  • Furniture
  • Business-to-business
  • Home delivery

Trust Mickey for the Best Dry Freight Van Bodies

Our trucks, vans, trailers, etc., incorporate sturdy construction techniques and proven truck/trailer technology. They are efficient and safe dry vans that offer the flexibility and high quality demanded in the delivery business. From bottom to top, they’re built tough. Providing a clean look, the sidewalls can be pre-painted aluminum skin sheets or composite panels.

Innovative tie-down systems, bolt-on and sub-floor design, and more can be incorporated into our van bodies. Why go with a unique tie-down system? Requiring more maintenance, but still commonly used in the industry, are U-bolts. These can be eliminated with the right tie-down system which can, in the long run, reduce costs.

Sturdy floors and roofing are standard on our van bodies but adaptable in numerous manners, depending on your needs. We can upfit and customize truck, trailer, and dry van features to suit your requirements and desires. For structural performance, you can count on Mickey, no matter which van body you choose.

Accessories such as rollup doors, extra lighting, handles, shelving, and more are not only offered by Mickey but can be installed in one of our service centers.

Stock Bodies

Manufactured at our main High Point, North Carolina manufacturing complex, new reefer van bodies and dry freight bodies are offered through our Mickey Truck Bodies Van Body Stock Program. With a wide array of options and features, these stock units can be upfitted. Some custom upfits include the following:

  • Decals
  • Paint
  • Lift gates
  • Cargo constraints
  • Chassis mounts
  • … and more

To keep up with our latest in-stock items, check back frequently.

Experience the Mickey Difference

To ensure customer satisfaction, we rely on the experience and dedicated expertise of each member of our Mickey Parts Team. These experienced individuals see to it that the correct parts are received by every customer, and that as quickly as possible, all parts get to the right location. Additionally, we provide installation and replacement assistance upon request.

Our parts specialists Herb White and Rocky Barham will be happy to discuss with you any parts concerns. You can also speak with Matt McSwain, from online sales, or parts manager, Josh Campbell.

For the best in trucks, vans, and trailer parts, no one beats Mickey Genuine Parts. For over 100 years, our safety, customer service, and workmanship standards have surpassed others in our industry. Find out what Mickey can do for you. Contact us today.

Let’s keep truckin'.

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