Understanding Upfits For Modern Mobile Offices

Gone are the days of motorized vehicles being used for nothing more than just transportation. Today, mobile offices of a highly advanced nature integrate operating, warning, video, data, and voice systems. Vehicles become more complex as new technologies evolve; and vehicle upfits do as well. Mobile office vehicle upfits must meet work function requirements and solve specific business problems. They must meet budget and time constraints and account for ergonomic concerns and occupant safety.

Job applications are directly impacted by vehicle upfits. An organized and well-planned upfit can enhance driver productivity and comfort, increase efficiency, improve safety, and increase cost effectiveness. A poorly executed and poorly planned upfit, however, will make sure that just the opposite occurs.

Who’s Doing Your Upfitting?

As tempted as you may be to take the lowest bid when it comes to upfitting, you must make certain of a few things. Make sure that your partner in installation has the following:

  • The experience to comfortably and safely install upfits.
  • The expertise to integrate systems that are potentially complex.

Working closely with fleets, experienced upfitters can do the following:

  • To meet specifications, help identify the proper equipment.
  • Determine mobile requirements and needs.
  • Install and deliver, at a competitive, reasonable price, the promised system.

To make sure that your partner in installation fits the needs of your fleet and that the upfitting process you choose is sufficient, here are a few pointers.

An Upfitting Plan Must Be Made for Mobile Offices

To achieve a solution that will meet work function requirements and solve specific business problems, thoughtful organization and planning are necessary before fleets can benefit from customized, well installed mobile solutions. Upfit solution planning includes realistic budgeting.

Be sure that you have available more than one plan. You may need to opt for plan B or C, down the line, if plan A doesn’t work out.

Choosing a Trusted Partner for Upfitting Mobile Offices

When it comes to selecting your partner for installation, experience is critical. Along the way, you’re going to be called upon to make certain decisions. A partner with knowledge and experience that are extensive can help guide you through the process with invaluable insight. To begin the vetting process when researching upfitting partners, confirm that they are bonded, licensed, and insured. You are better protected when they are better protected!

Managing the Project

Between the fleet and installer, there must be proper communication in order for an upfitting job to be successful. After you’ve selected a company for installation, you will need to closely work with them to establish and agree on several things including the following:

  • A budget.
  • Project building plan.
  • On both sides, designation of a specific point of contact.

To help fleets understand all of the complexities of a project and its scope, installation partners can offer build sheets and provide detailed quotes.

When All Is Said and Done

Prior to accepting delivery, to make sure that all of the upfitting equipment has been properly installed, review the vehicle once the job has been completed. If you find any issues, do not hesitate to point them out. Make sure that the battery is fully charged before accepting your vehicle. For your maintenance team, request copies of wiring diagrams and build sheets.

The trust, cooperation, and communication atmosphere of everyone involved in an upfit determines a mutual level of success.

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