Understanding the Benefits Of Heavy-Duty Truck Maintenance

There is ample opportunity for wear and tear, mechanical failure, and accidents with 164,000 miles of road in just the United States alone. Constantly aware of this, fleet managers and drivers try to keep their trucks in the best condition. Businesses must be kept running smoothly and road regulations must be followed. Then there are the regulations set forth by the United Department of Transportation which ensure road safety – when they are adhered to. Add to that local and state laws, and drivers are faced with untold responsibility. A proper plan for heavy-duty truck maintenance can lighten the load of drivers.

Keeping the Business, Vehicles, And Drivers in Good Condition

A distribution company’s bottom line can be severely impacted by maintenance, repairs, and more. A preventative maintenance program, with a bit of insight, makes a business more profitable. It increases safety and ensures that vehicles will continue to be compliant.

Today, currently in operation, there are approximately five and half million registered heavy-duty trucks and trailers. They are there for one purpose – to make money. Every year those vehicles log nearly 300 billion miles. To ensure less downtime, fewer breakdowns, and a fleet staying on the road longer, preventative maintenance is required.

Preventative Heavy-Duty Truck Maintenance

What is the best way to define PM (preventative maintenance)? It takes the best practices of normal maintenance and executes those practices at frequent service intervals. What is involved in a typical heavy-duty truck maintenance check or safety inspection?

Approximately every 10,000 miles or every four months, the following should be checked:

  • Tire conditions
  • Lights
  • Brakes
  • Fluids
  • Lubrication

But a preventative maintenance plan could specify that this needs to be done under 5000 miles or every two months. Industry studies have been done on preventative maintenance and fleets that participate in such programs. These fleets experienced a decrease in days off the road by as much as 20% (this applies to off days due to repair and service).

Regular Preventative Maintenance

This is relatively uncomplicated and can be as easy as conducting, with every single ride, pre and post inspections. To help in this aspect, year-by-year, industry technologies are improving. Example: The lifecycle of each component can be monitored by cloud-based maintenance software. This information is linked to repair shop management and the fleet manager. This way, efficient repairs on vehicles can be scheduled in a timely manner.

Some programs even provide alerts of a diagnostic nature for any maintenance that is upcoming. These apps can coordinate with managers so that they can receive, directly logged into the system, any submitted driver concerns. 

The Devaluation of Heavy-Duty Trucks

It can cost $60,000 for a heavy duty truck engine. If damage is due to neglect, warranties will likely not cover any problems that arise. If grinding or overheating, for example, is the cause of an engine giving out, replacement costs are likely to be prohibitive. You can limit the cost of depreciation, avoid these types of outcomes, and maintain the value of your assets by devising and implementing a preventative maintenance schedule for your heavy-duty trucks

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