Taking Commercial Truck Alignment Seriously

Thousands of dollars in needed repairs can be the price fleet managers pay if their commercial truck maintenance needs are not taken seriously and met in a timely manner. Commercial truck alignment is one area of maintenance that is frequently overlooked. Anything from tire cost to fuel economy can be negatively impacted as a result of bad alignment. Ensure that your vehicles are properly aligned by employing a preventative maintenance program, thereby avoiding commercial truck deterioration.

“Oh, That’s Close Enough”

That is a comment which should never leave the mouths of commercial truck drivers, fleet managers, vehicle maintenance technicians, etc. That just doesn’t cut it! Regarding your fleet’s bottom line, serious consequences can be suffered if you fail to properly align your vehicles. Don’t just execute bare minimum requirements when it comes to maintenance. These can end up costing thousands of dollars as a result of the following:

  • Due to increased vehicle component stress, additional mechanical repairs.
  • Due to additional drag, increased fuel consumption.
  • Due to premature wear, frequent tire replacement costs.

Commercial Truck Alignment Basics

Though it’s rare for a new truck to have alignment problems right off the assembly line, it happens. Before your truck hits the road and ends up incurring damage, run it through full inspection including tests like alignment. There are specs for safe operation, and trucks should always fall within the ranges stated. With the manufacturer of the truck, be sure to file a warranty claim if you check the truck before use and a problem exists.

Tire Alignment Tips

What’s best for your truck may not match up with a manufacturer’s specifications for optimal alignment. If an increase in tire mileage is sought by a fleet manager, all available options should be explored. There could be the possibility of a different spec that, for various aspects of your commercial operation, can provide additional benefits.

One ideal scenario recommendation offered up by an alignment system expert goes as follows:

  • Drive axle 90° to the vehicle’s centerline
  • No setback on front axle
  • Caster 4° right, 3.5° left
  • Less than 1/4° camber
  • 1/16 of an inch toe-in

Specializing Done by Fleet Managers

For what they consider their ideal commercial truck alignment, additional tweaks can be made by fleet managers. Rather than being driven on flatter roads, for trucks frequently driven on high-crown roads, one such fine-tuning procedure could include an accommodation for the pavement crown. Unnecessary replacement and repair costs can be realized if fleet managers can analyze their truck’s alignment and find its sweet spot.

Best case scenario, find and secure the services of a trusted service provider. Then create a custom plan for commercial truck maintenance. This is the best way to continue saving money for any fleet manager.

Rely on Mickey Genuine Parts For Commercial Truck Maintenance

Mickey Genuine Parts sells accessories, parts, trailers, and various pieces of equipment – all carrying the Mickey seal of approval. But we also provide top-of-the-line service to our customers with experienced, knowledgeable technicians at each and every one of our Mickey Service Centers. They are located conveniently throughout the United States.

We will be happy to work with fleet managers in setting up maintenance plans to keep every truck running its best. Because we offer nothing but the best, we stand behind our products and we stand behind our service. That’s what sets us apart from all others in the industry. Contact us today for more information.

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